Doom Eternal Customization Will Let You Change The Look Of The Slayer

In the newest burst of things that nobody asked for but that apparently no one’s complaining about, id Software has posted a new video that shows off Doom Eternal customization, which will allow you to customize the look of your Doom Slayer through a variety of different styles and sets.

These styles, which range from the demonic to the classic, include the entirety of your Doom Slayer armor and even some much more out-there looks that can be obtained through services like Twitch Prime, adding into the greater customization theme of the game.

Doom Eternal promises to be a much bigger game than the first in the rebooted series in many different ways. In addition to more widen-open environments, a larger story, and Dark Souls-like multiplayer invasion mechanics, the Slayer will also have more personal adjustments they can make.

Within the halls of the Fortress of Doom, the space station where you go between missions, Doom Eternal customization lets you change the Slayer’s outfits to everything from a more demonic-looking version of the Praetor suit, to a zombified version with a shattered faceplate, to the armor of the original Doom Marine from the original Doom games.

The game’s special Twitch Prime suit also allows you to be the prettiest and pinkest Doom Slayer in the universe with a special pink-and-white flying unicorn suit, and you can also get armor decorations, including flaming fists and feet.

Even though we have no idea of just how these customization options are going to be unlocked (they could be awarded from the start, or as you complete missions or challenges), it does add a bit more customization (and in the case of the Twitch Prime suit, hilarity) to the game.

You’ll be able to see the full breadth of the Doom Eternal customization when the game comes out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on March 20.