DOOM Eternal Will Not Run At True 4k On Google Stadia

It turns out id Software’s upcoming game DOOM Eternal will not run at true 4k resolution on Google Stadia. The game’s launch details page suggests that Google and id Software weren’t entirely honest with fans.

Last year, Google and id Software announced that DOOM Eternal will run at 4k resolution on the Stadia platform. Both companies also promised that the game will run at 60 FPS with HDR support as well. It turns out that the statement isn’t entirely true.

According to recently released details from the game’s launch page:

Doom Eternal on Stadia will run at 1080p @60 FPS on HD displays and up-sample to 2160p from 1800p @60 FPS on 4K displays.

What this means is that the game will not run at native 4k resolution. The launch page also provided the system requirements for the upcoming DOOM game. Although sampling up to 2160p is still better than 1440p or up-scaling from 1080p, this means that the shooter game will give the same type of performance as the Xbox One X.

id Software and Google may have jumped the gun when announcing 4k support for the upcoming DOOM installment on Stadia. However, running the game with 4k/60 FPS on ultra settings would definitely require a high-end PC.

We know that consoles have always played catchup with PC hardware. So if most modern PC’s have a hard time running the game at 4k, it’s understandable how the Stadia service would have these problems too.

However, a cloud gaming service of Google’s caliber shouldn’t be going around making false claims. Google claimed that Stadia’s graphics performance was higher than the Xbox One X and PS4.

Google Stadia hasn’t exactly had a smooth run after its release. Not delivering on their promises will only hurt the game streaming service even more.