Destiny 2 Into the Mindlab Quest Guide

With the arrival of ‘The Season of the Worthy‘ in Destiny 2, some new content for players have been added to the game. One such activity is called Into the Mindlab and this Destiny 2 Into the Mindlab Quest Guide will help you complete it.

Destiny 2 Into the Mindlab Quest

The focus of the Season of the Worthy is to protect the Last City’s defenses, you must strengthen your relations with Warmind Rasputin. This can be done by playing through the Seraph Tower PvE activities.

Seraph Tower Activities
To improve the orbital defense network of Rasputin against the Cabal Offensive, you must hit the ground in certain areas about the solar system. This will protect you from the Cabal’s ‘The Almighty’ superweapon.

The first thing you need to do is talk to Zavala at The Tower to obtain the ‘Raising Our Defenses’ quest.

Then, travel to Mars and head to the Braytech Futurescape; then, talk to Ana Bray.

You have to now gather Light by using your supers on Mars, to be able to meet your Rasputin. Gather 20 Orbs of Light created by other players and make some of your own. Just keep spamming your Super in public events.

Into The Mindlab
After you collect all 20 Orbs of Light, go back to the Braytech Futurescape. This will begin the ‘Into the Mindlab’ activity.

Follow the quest-marker, while taking care of the Cabal in your path and interact with Rasputin to get the ‘Warmind Khanjali’ artifact.

After that, travel to the EDZ and you will get to witness the very first Seraph Bunker in The Sludge.

To get the Bunker to full power, you have to complete a public event in the Winding Cove.

Once you do that, eliminate the foes inside of it and you will be granted complete access to it.

Go back to Rasputin and look at the EDZ Bunker Upgrades. Get ‘Valkyrie Spawner Tier 1’ and talk to Rasputin again to finish off this quest.