Cryptic Message Revealed That Sony Playstation 5 has 11 TFlops?

On Tuesday, a cryptic message apparently revealed that Sony PlayStation 5 has 11 TFlops (teraflops) of Power. The picture was posted by o’dium, a NeoGAF user and an actual developer. The cryptic message consists of a picture of a bird carrying a letter to the chief architect of the PS5, Mark Cerny. The message was further decoded thanks to users at resetera.

The bird in the picture was indicating a number of ‘Coos’ implying bird language. The rhyming variation of these “coos” revealed 11 TFlops and a 1743 MHz clock frequency for the PS5. Other speculations state that because RDNA 2 can go up to 2.0GHz, with the present leaked specs of 11.06 TFlops and 52 CUs, the Sony PS5 can pull 13 TFlops if they manage to hit the right mark.

Another part of the cryptic message included a date that said 16-512. This may indicate the memory and storage size on the PS5 with 16GB of ram and 512GB of  SSD storage.

For getting a better idea of what to expect from the PS5 with these specs, we can make comparisons with the RTX Series GPUs by Nvidia. The GeForce RTX 2080 has 46 SMs (streaming multiprocessors) and manages to hit 11.2 TFlops.

On the other hand, it’s big brother the RTX 2080Ti has 68 SMs which pulls off 13 Tflops. With 52 Tflops on the PS5, we can expect performance between an RTX 2080 and an RTX 2080Ti. The PlayStation 5 will be powered by Advanced Micro Devices AMD.

The APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) will be based on the RDNA 2 7nm process size. The PS5 will also use a Navi 21 GPU based on Navi 2. The Navi 21 has 5120 shading units with 320 texture mapping units and 96 ROPs (Render Output Unit).

This uses the same GPU as a fully unlocked RX 5950 XT but only has 5120 shaders enabled. This limited number of shading units is set in order for the PS5 to meet the product’s target interface. Other than that, it will also pack 16gb of GDDR6 memory and will draw a total of 150W maximum in terms of power consumption.

Sony confirmed that it will not be taking part in the upcoming E3 2020. We already know what the Xbox Serie X will pack in terms of hardware specs.

While Xbox has been revealing details on the Series X, it’s about time that PS5 starts fluffing their next console. We still don’t know if these specs are true as Sony remains silent regarding PS5.