xCloud On PC Could Arrive Very Soon

An image surfaced online which suggests Microsoft could soon release xCloud on PC. Microsoft announced that its game streaming service will be coming to Windows 10 last year.

A Reddit post shows an image that indicates that the xCloud PC release date is almost here. The image shows the xCloud profile of Phil Spencer on Windows 10. The subheading reads “Xbox Game Streaming (Test App)”. This suggests that Microsoft has already entered the testing phase for xCloud on PC. What this means is that Microsoft’s cloud-based streaming service could arrive on PC somewhere in the middle of 2020.

For those of you who are unaware, xCloud is a game streaming service by Microsoft. A game streaming service runs games on remote servers and directly streams them to a person’s device. In the case of Cloud gaming, a user doesn’t need high-end hardware to play games. Most of the heaving lifting for the game will be done by the provider of the streaming service.

At the end of last year, Google released its cloud gaming service called Stadia. The reception for the service wasn’t good and Google immediately started getting complaints from users. Players experienced lag and input delay during gameplay and Cloud gaming didn’t look like a good replacement for gaming on actual machines.

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Studio’s President commented that Cloud gaming isn’t necessary at the time. As of right now, internet speeds are nowhere good enough to handle game streaming. At least, most of the population of Earth don’t have access to suitable bandwidth. But Microsoft believes that Cloud gaming is the future is investing heaving in its xCloud game streaming service.

The company is targetting Google Stadia’s lack of content by increasing the number of titles on xCloud. xCloud on PC was announced by Microsoft last year but no release date was given. Recently, we found out that Microsft will talk about xCloud on March 18 on a Game Stack livestream. We could very well get a release date for xCloud on PC during the stream. Fans can’t wait to stream games through xCloud on their PC’s and they may not have to wait much longer.