Nintendo Indie Games Showcase Happening Next Week Followed By A Nintendo Direct?

A Nintendo indie games showcase will supposedly happen next week on March 18. Following that, Nintendo may have another Nintendo Direct in the upcoming week.

According to VentureBeat, Nintendo will show off its indie games later this month.  A Nintendo Direct will air the next week centered around the 2020 lineup for the Nintendo Switch. VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb stated that he doesn’t know what Nintendo will show relating to its first-party titles, however, we should:

expect the company to continue relying heavily on remasters and ports.

Remasters and ports do point towards a Nintendo indie games showcase. When VentureBeat tried to get a comment from Nintendo on the matter, they declined. According to Grub:

The publisher hasn’t announced the Direct yet, so things could change, and yes, this is absolutely me hedging. But Nintendo is deep into the process of putting the event together based on what I’ve heard. It has decided many of the third-party games it will include in the event. So it’s definitely happening—and almost certainly before the end of March.

The last two Nintendo Directs focused on Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Pokemon. T

he next Direct will take a more comprehensive look at the upcoming lineup for Nintendo Switch. It makes sense considering Nintendo hasn’t revealed anything related to its third-party publishers. Investors wish to find out how Nintendo intends to generate revenue in the future.

Nintendo could announce its 2020 Switch lineup through a conference. But it’s likely that the Japanese company will present its lineup through a Direct. Although a Nintendo indie games showcase may not be what fans want right now.

Let’s take a step back and remember that nothing has been confirmed yet. Nintendo is known to release its Direct shows at the beginning of the month. Releasing a Direct on March 18 takes a departure from the release timing. If this rumor holds any solid ground, we should be getting news next week about a Nintendo Direct.