Apple’s First High-End Headphones Found in iOS 14

iOS 14 is already in the works and with that, some other products by Apple may release soon. Reports revealed two interesting icons that appeared in the iOS 14 code. This featured two headphone icons in dark mode and light mode. Further speculation confirms this to be a teaser for Apple’s first high-end headphones reveal.

The icons revealed us two headphones with ear padding and two color options with on being white and the other most likely to be the famous Space Gray.

Now so far, rumours suggest these may be in direct competition with the Sony WH-1000XMR. If this is true then that promises us premium features like stellar noise cancellation and studio audio quality.

It is unclear if these headphones fall in the AirPods family category but it may still use Siri and faster Bluetooth pairing. The name for the new headphones is still unclear, though two names have already surfaced. Some people are calling them the AirPods X while others suggest the name Apple StudioPods.

The iOS 14 will launch between September or November and their new product might release at the same time. But analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who is famous for predicting the release of the Apple AirPods and upgraded AirPods in 2019 offered his prediction.

He claimed that the new headphones may release sooner with a number of other products. Now although developers found these glyphs in the iOS 14 code, Apple has not passed any statement on their new product. But taking the past into consideration, similar glyphs also teased us the upcoming AirPods in the iOS 13.

Even though the design is not officially out, a picture on twitter surfaced. Twitter user Jon Posser sent out a tweet with the expected price listing and a picture.

The picture showed black headphones very similar to the beats studio 3 with an illuminating Apple logo. Lastly, it had the name S’TUDIOPOD’ written on the headband followed by a second picture with a $399.99 price tag. If this information turns out to be true, then that puts the Apple on a much higher price listing compared to other brands likeĀ  Sony and Bose.

We’ve been hearing many rumors in recent years regarding Apple making headphones. It is strange that a company famous for the iPod device did not consider making headphones all these years.

Later it was confirmed that Apple was actual intention was to release their headphones in 208. Due to some development challenges the company faced, it had no choice but to postponed their product’s release to 2019. Yet the product still did not come hence the hype is real for 2020.