Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Lightning Field Walkthrough

Lightning Field is a bonus dungeon which you will encounter during the Mirage Pokemon arc. Our Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Lightning Field Walkthrough will help you complete it and recruit Raikou.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Lightning Field

While going through the Mirage Pokemon arc, you can explore Lightning Field which is a bonus dungeon. You need to complete the Fiery Field in order to unlock the Lightning Field.

When you defeat Entei, the boss in Fiery Field, you are going to get access to the Lightning Field. Completing Lightning Field will grant you access to Northwind Field.

Once you enter the dungeon, go to B30F which is going to trigger a cutscene. You are going to come across a lot of high leveled, resilient Pokemon so make sure that you have your Pokemon leveled up as well.

The recommended level of your Pokemon should be 45+ before you enter the dungeon.

The Pokemon inside the dungeon are mostly of Electric-type so it is best to use Ground-type Pokemon in order to easily pass through the Pokemon.

Prepare a big team of Pokemon to ensure your safety in the Lightning Field dungeon. This is going to increase your chances to defeat the Pokemon as it is going to help you deal more damage.

To make sure that you are stocked with all the items you need, the dungeon has Monster Houses. These are filled with items but also has some enemies inside so be careful.

Other than this, there is a Kecleon Shop as well so before you go ahead to fight of the enemies, make sure that you have all the resources.

Raikou is the boss enemy in Lightning Field which is an Electric-type Pokemon. This makes the Pokemon weak against the Ground-type Pokemon.

Before doing anything, increase the evasiveness of your team by using the All Dodge Orb. Using a Pounce Wand is going to surround your enemies.

Then, to defeat Raikou, use moves like Earthquake which can deal a lot of damage to Raikou. Mud Bomb is also a good attack to put a big dent on Raikou’s health.

Applying status conditions such as poison or burns also helps to bring down the boss’ health.

Moves such as Bite or Astonish are used to make the opponent flinch. This helps you by making them miss their turn and sometimes it also stuns them so another plus point.

Raikou has a passive ability, Pressure, which causes your Pokemon to consume more PP than usual. To overcome this, you need to bring more Max Ethers or Max Elixirs so it doesn’t affect your game.

Once defeated, you can recruit Raikou and take it home though it is not a guaranteed recruit. To recruit Raikou, you might need to revisit this bonus dungeon again and farm him.

To increase your recruitment chances equip your party leader with a Friend Bow before battling Raikou.

This is going to save a lot of your effort as well as time as might have to battle Raikou again for a chance to recruit it.