Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Fiery Field Walkthrough

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Fiery Field serves as a bonus dungeon in the game, housing a legendary Pokemon. In order to complete the Fiery Field dungeon and defeat Entei, you are going to need the help of our walkthrough.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Fiery Field

After getting a Clear Wing from a Spinda you encounter in town. You are going to get a quest in Grand Canyon. Complete the quest and then talk to Xatu after which you are going to unlock Fiery Field.

Fiery Field is a huge dungeon with 30 floors overall. At the end of this dungeon, you are going to encounter Entei which is a Fire-type Pokemon.

Once you enter the dungeon, you will be fighting your way up to 30F. You are going to come across some resilient Pokemon in the dungeon which hit harder and deal you some pretty good amount of damage.

You need to prepare a team of 45+ Pokemon so you are capable to deal with these Pokemon.

The Pokemon that are best to keep in this dungeon are Water-type or Ground and Rock-type Pokemon as these Pokemon are full of Fire-type.

Fiery Field has lava all around some of the floors so avoiding those paths is safe as stepping on to them is going to deal with you a high amount of damage.

Above we told you about the resistance of Pokemon found in the Fiery Field. You need to do as much damage as you can to these Pokemon and using throwables for this is best as they are ranged attacks which also deal high damage to the Pokemon.

Since the dungeon is filled with lava pools, bring Rawst Berries here is a great idea and also bring a Pokemon with the Refresh ability. These Pokemon can remove bad status effects inflicted on you by Pokemon attacks or lava pools.

At the end of this dungeon, you are going to encounter Entei which is a Fire-type Pokemon. This makes the Pokemon weak to the Ground, Rock, and Water-type.

Use debuffs like Slow, Petrify, or Sleep which affects the turns Entei has by lessening them. This is going to help you do more damage in between the turns that Entei has.

Entei moves include the Fire Spin attack which traps the Pokemon and causes long term fire damage. This is where the ranged attacks come in handy as you need to stay away from the Fire Spin attack.

Another move of Entei includes the Roar move which causes you damage if you are close to Entei at this time. This does the damage to your Pokemon but also moves the Pokemon away.

Then there is also the Stomp and the Flamethrower move.

Entei has a passive ability, Pressure, which causes your Pokemon to consume more PP than usual. To overcome this, you need to bring more Max Ethers or Max Elixirs so it doesn’t affect your game.

Once you have defeated Entei in the battle, you can recruit it and take it with you.

Have a party member to hold the Friend Bow or use the Rare Quality Squad up or Friendly in order to improve your chances to recruit it.

Having the Friend Bow saves your time and effort as you might have to battle Entei again even after recruiting it.

The best thing about Entei is that it does not need your party space or Rescue Camp as it builds its own Rescue Camp when you recruit it.