Here’s How Call Of Duty Warzone Does Its Cash System

Call of Duty Warzone, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royale add-on, is almost here, and that means that it’s time to take a dive into how the new free-to-play game will make use of the cash system that it uses. Thankfully, there aren’t any in-game purchases to worry about.

In the Warzone cash system, players start off each Warzone match with no money at all. In order to get money you have to search the map for it, picking it up off the ground. The cash you get will allow you to purchase things like Killstreaks during a game.

Considering that Warzone is a free-to-play mode, players might be forgiven for thinking that microtransactions would be a factor. Especially considering that they’re already present in many of the other battle royale games around.

Various things that you can buy with Call of Duty Warzone cash include things like a gas mask, armor, a shield turret, a cluster-bomb strike, a self-revive kit, and an ammo box. That’s not even getting into the many different kinds of weapons you’ll likely find on the map already.

However, teamwork is just as important in Warzone if not more so, because you can also share your cash between your teammates. So if separately you all don’t have the money to buy a particular thing from the buying stations, you can pool your money together and buy it that way.

Call of Duty Warzone will be the second of the battle royale Call of Duty game modes, after Blackout was put inside Black Ops 4. While that game was popular, it wasn’t enough to really mark Blackout among the big-name Battle Royale games, so hopefully Warzone does a better job.

The mode is supposed to be coming out tomorrow, so if you and some friends want to see what all is involved with it, you can play it for yourselves then.