Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Skytower Walkthrough

Sky Tower is the final dungeon in the main storyline of Mystery Dungeon DX that you will visit. It is after the Magma Cavern dungeon as you attempt to reach Rayquaza. Read the following Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Skytower Walkthrough if you are having trouble with this dungeon.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Skytower

So Sky Tower is going to be the most difficult dungeon till now with two main parts. According to the difficulty that you will face, we recommend that you at the very least be at level 35 before this dungeon.

It is two parts dungeon with the first half containing 25 intense floors, which is way more than anything you have faced before.

Here is the list of pokemon that you will find on your way through the first 25 floors.

Pokemon Floors Recruitment
Shedinja 1-5
Forretress 1-6
Shuppet 1-6 Low
Masquerain 1-8
Lunatone 1-11 Very low
Duskull 7-14 Low
Koffing 9-16 Low
Ledian 10-18
Altaria 12-19
Solrock 12-20 Very low
Scizor 15-21
Dusclops 17-23
Venomoth 20-25
Aerodactyl 21-25 Low
Flygon 21-25
Tropius 22-25 Low

It has as you can see and will face, some of the most powerful pokemon that you have ever faced like Altaria, Aerodactyl and Flygon.

They are full-on beasts and we recommend that you must have a full inventory of healing items with you and also hold onto the max amount of Revive All orbs as they will be useful later.

After you complete the first 25 floors you will reach a checkpoint, here you can rest and recuperate before the final summit.

Sky Tower Summit

You might have gone through the dungeon with two parts but this sky tower summit is no joke like other second halves and after doing whopping 25 floors there are 8 more to go in this summit.

There will also be no break between the levels so make sure your inventory is jam-packed.

Also if you barely got through the last 25 levels then it is recommended to go back and level up a little more. Here is the list of pokemon that you will face here:

Pokemon Floors Recruitment
Aerodactyl 1-8 Low
Flygon 1-8
Claydol 1-8
Tropius 1-8 Low
Salamence 1-8
Metagross 1-8

At the ninth floor, the boss Rayquaza will be waiting for you in the thrilling final boss fight.

How to Beat Rayquaza

Here are all the weaknesses of this final boss that you can use in the fight against him and they will help you in defeating the boss.

Rayquaza is weak against all the Ice, dragon and Rock-type Pokemon and their attacks will deal massive damage to the boss. Do keep this in mind when you are creating a team to bring to the final boss fight.

Rayquaza has a special attack move called Twister Attack. This is a very destructive move with good attack power and this attack has the ability to hit all the Pokemon in the area.

Rayquaza will use this move a little too much so keep an eye for that.

Rayquaza has such high attack power that you might struggle during the fight to keep your health up.

He also has multiple target moves like that above attack and that is why you have incorporate all this information before starting this boss fight.

Use the status effect
So what you need to do is basically restrain Rayquaza from using that dangerous twister attack continuously and you can do that by dealing status effects to it. Stunning, Petrifying and putting it to sleep will the trick.

Get reviver seed and all revive orb
Rayquaza can easily defeat all the individual pokemon from you and you have to keep this in mind.

So the best is to have a surplus of those reviver seeds and all revive orbs ready all the time. Also, try to keep the health of all the pokemon up as much as possible.

Assign roles to Pokemon
Another thing that will make this fight more easy to contemplate and keep in check is by assigning roles to all the pokemon in the team.

Use the pokemon you control as the main item user and when it is your turn just use heal or revive or you can use items to give Rayquaza a status effect.

After Rayquaza, final cutscene and credits will appear.