Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Sinister Woods Walkthrough

Sinister Woods is the next dungeon in the Mystery Dungeon and is unlocked after beating Skarmory Boss in the Mt. Steel dungeon. This Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Sinister Woods Walkthrough covers all the 12 floors of Sinister Woods dungeon.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Sinister Woods

First of all, you need to bring a third party member like the Magnemite, that joined your team first. Moreover, make sure that your first two Starter Pokemon are at least level 15.

Once you have the Magnemite, head towards the Pelipper Post Office to get some jobs done.

After you then exit your house, proceed to the town square and a Pelipper will arrive to deliver mail. There will be 3 Rainbow Gummis in that which you can use to get rare qualities and permanent stats.

In order to use them, head west of your base to prop up the Camp List.

Further ahead, you have to complete the 12 floored missions of the Sinister Woods. You need to advance for a few days to progress the story.

You can select between mission locations of Mt Steel and Oddity Cave and perhaps Mt Steel will be a better choice.

Once you have progressed through the initial 12 stages/floors of the Sinister Woods, you will have to face the Team Meanies as the final fight and rescue Metapod.

Exit your house and head south. On your way towards this last fight, you must gather a whole team of Pokemon as you will encounter Pokemon that you can temporarily recruit into your party.

You can recruit a maximum of 8 Pokemon and they will prove to be a great help in the fight against Team Manies. You will need to give them Apples in order to recruit them so make sure you have enough of them.

So once you have recruited a perfect team of Pokemon, head towards the 13F (13th Floor). Team Meanies will be waiting for you here.

Team Meanies consists of ghost, poison, fighting and psychic type of Pokemon and hence you must have level 15 or higher and a Grass-type to watch out for Poison moves.

You will not face much troubles defeating them if you follow the recommendations written above. They can easily be defeated by bringing the maximum number of Pokemon into your team.

Once you have defeated Team Meanies, you will be able to rescue Metapod. Head to the Pokemon Square and a cutscene will appear.