Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Mt Steel Walkthrough

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Mt Steel is the third dungeon in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. It is unlocked after completing Thunderwave Cave and two random missions.

This guide covers the whole storyline of Mt. Steel as a walkthrough from the preparation phase up to the Rescue Mission.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Mt Steel

The first thing you need to know and do is Shopping and to get jobs in order to progress to the next story mission.

So head towards the mailbox outside and check for mails. Then head towards the Pokemon Square along with your partner.

Pokemon Square is a town where you can stock up on the needed items as well as you can learn some moves.

There is a Kecleon Store, Felicity Bank, Gulpin Link Shop, Kangaskhan Storage, Makuhita Dojo and Pelipper Post Office in Pokemon Square.

In the Pokemon Square, head towards the east to the Pelipper Post Office and select the jobs that you wish to take. You can take multiple jobs at the same time too.

There are many Rescue Missions available which you can select from the bulletin board located next to the Pelipper Post Office.

After taking the jobs, either you can pass the time while exploring the areas around, or you can go to the base and complete the missions.

After taking your second job, a cut scene will appear. After the cut scene, Diglett will leave a tunnel that you can use to get teleported immediately in front of the bulletin board next to the Pelipper Post Office.

Take your time this way as you ascend through the Mt. Steel storyline by defeating most of the Pokemon that you encounter.

Mt. Steel is populated by mostly Steel and Psychic Pokemon. It would be better to bring Grass or Ground-type Pokemon to master over their weakness and to easily ascend this dungeon.

Defeating them in necessary to earn EXP so that you can prepare for the upcoming Boss Fight with Starmory.

After your second mission, a cut scene appear. Proceed to Mt. Steel by going outside and heading south after it. Then enter Mt. Steel and fight your way up towards the 9F.

Here you will have to defeat Skarmory here, which is the Boss fight of this area.

Skarmory can use Leer to lower your defenses and hence makes you prone to its peck and Air cutter attacks.