Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Move Growth Guide

In Mystery Dungeon DX, there is a system called “Move Growth”. This Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Move Growth system basically lets you ‘grow’ the strength of your moves by using them in combat.

This is a very important mechanic in the game, and knowing everything about it will help you out a lot in your battles.

This guide will give you all the information you need to know about this Move Growth system in Mystery Dungeon DX.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Move Growth

In a nutshell, the Move Growth is a level up system for your moves. The more you use them, the stronger they will get.

When a move levels up, its stats – Accuracy, Power, PP – are boosted. So, it lets you hit enemies more often, inflict more damage and even increases the number of uses for the move before it needs a PP restoration.

The tiny gauges to the left of the name of a move display its growth progress.

When you use the move, look at the message log or press ZL when going through a dungeon to view the move’s growth.

How To Grow Moves
A very helpful mechanic of the Move Growth system is that the growth of a move is shared by the whole team.

Meaning, if you obtain a Pokemon that has a move that another one of your Pokemon already has, they will share the move growth with each other.

This mechanic allows you to easily farm growth for a move by making a team full of Pokemon which have the same move, then using that move over and over again with each Pokemon to level it up very quickly.

Another way to grow your moves is to head to the Makuhita Dojo and perform the Dojo Drills.

Your experience rate is increased by a significant amount in the training mazes in this Dojo, allowing for easy move growth.

Do note that you need a Dojo Ticket to be allowed entry into this Dojo, so you can’t use this move growth farming technique all the time.