Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Magma Cavern Walkthrough

This guide will walk you through the whole scenario Up to Magma Cavern in Mystery Dungeon. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Magma Cavern Walkthrough will include battle strategies, tips, item locations and everything in between.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Magma Cavern Walkthrough

Magma Cavern is the main story dungeon that you will ultimately get to visit in the Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. It follows the Uproar forest dungeon and you and your team will be attempting to save Team Alakazam.

First, we will give you a list of all the pokemon that you will face in the Magma Cavern and then will walk you through the whole level.

Pokemon Floors Recruitment
Raticate 1-3  
Sandshrew 1-6 Low
Nidoqueen 1-6 Very low
Nidoking 1-6 Very low
Graveler 5-10 Negative
Magmar 7-11  
Mawile 8-12 Low
Arbok 8-14  
Magcargo 9-14  
Rhydon 14-20  
Sandslash 15-20  
Golem 15-20 Negative
Grimer 15-21 Low
Onix 21-24 Low
Steelix 24  

So first you need to face that Mankey gang and after that a cutscene will appear. You will have to choose to give or not the mankey gang that peeled chestnut.

After all the cutscenes that appear just keep giving mankey gang peeled chestnut in order to finish the base. The base will be built after you give 4 5 peeled chestnut to the mankey gang.

Since this is a big dungeon and a boss fight at the end as well, so you should definitely stock up on all the supplies beforehand.

So get as many apples, oran berries and reviver seeds possible and also be sure to keep an eye out for monster houses and powerful pokemon on the way like Rhydon and Onix.

Also, try to recruit as many pokemon as you can, this will make your journey and end boss fight relatively easy.

Most of the enemies that you face here will be of Poison, Rock, Ground and Fire pokemon so make a team of Psychic and Water type to make quick work of the enemies you face.

You will also find some useful pokemon in the dungeon that can help you a lot. Also make sure to keep your distance from the lava when you explore the dungeon.

So when the base is done, enter the Magma Cavern and begin your descent and make your way down into B26F of the dungeon. So there you will face the big bad and the boss fight with Groudon begins.

Groudon Boss Fight

So this is Groudon the boss of this dungeon, he can be one of the easiest of hardest fights depending upon your selected set of pokemon.

So this legendary pokemon is a ground type and has very strong moves like Mud shot, Ancient Power, Slash and Scary Face. You need to take extra care when your Fire-type pokemon face this boss.

So a large group of recruited pokemon will do better and the fight will be easier as you could let them be cannon fodder.

And if you don’t have a relatively large group, you can just heal up as fast you can and take as little risk as possible as Groudon is a tough boss with a lot of health.

Groudon will also try and succeed in splitting up your team at instances so when this happens you need to look out for the glowing squares on the grid and get off of them.

If you don’t you will be in for some heavy damage. Also one important thing is that you will not be able to recruit Groudon after the fight at this time.

When you defeat Groudon, you will return to Pokemon Square and get ready for the next dungeon.