Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Luminous Cave Guide

Once you finally end up beating Mystery Dungeon DX’s main story, you will find that you have unlocked the Luminous Cave. Our Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Luminous Cave Guide will help you with this mysterious new location.

This mysterious cave has a very important purpose in the Pokemon World. Here, we will see how it can further improve your Pokemon should they meet the required pre-requisites.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Luminous Cave

As mentioned in the beginning, the Luminous Cave can be unlocked after beating the game’s main story.

Simply continue the game after the ending and a cutscene will be triggered where you will end up in the Whiscash Pond.

Here, the entire process of evolution will be explained to you. From here on out, you will be able to evolve your Pokemon using the Luminous Cave!

The Luminous Cave
The Luminous Cave is a never before introduced way to evolve your Pokemon. Here, you can check what stats your Pokemon needs to reach in order to get to the next evolution.

Once it meets the requirements, you can simply evolve your Pokemon. The change is permanent and the evolution cannot be undone.

Most of the time your Pokemon will need to be at a certain level like 14, in order to be pushed to the next stage in the evolution.

Evolving a Pokemon gives a boost to all of its stats, making it considerably stronger than its previous form.

It’s pretty fun and satisfying thing to turn your entire roster of cute and cuddly Pokemon into fledged out badasses and deadlier than ever.

The first thing I did was went ahead and evolved my Charmander into Charizard! With this Luminous cave of wonders unlocked, it’s time to bring out the true potential of all your Pokemon.