Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Lapis Cave Walkthrough

You are going to visit Lapis Cave in Pokemon Dungeon DX (Switch). Below are some strategies that you require to reach the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Lapis Cave and then complete your job.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Lapis Cave

Your journey for Lapis Cave is going to start when you are exiled as a fugitive from Pokemon Square. You should talk with Partner in front of your home to depart.

A cutscene is going to be triggered just as the team escapes into the Lapis Cave.

You and your partner are going to be exiled from the Pokemon Square and all its facilities after the audience with Xatu and rumors of the Ninetales legend.

If you are not progressing in the dungeon and in case if you die then it is probably due to the lack of resources you have. It can also be because you have not quite reached a higher level.

In order to increase your level and stocking up on resources, you can head back to the Rock Path dungeon.

This Path dungeon will not be available once the story starts to progress which means that you have to take full advantage of it while it is accessible.

Also, keep this in mind that while you are escaping as a fugitive, you can only be accompanied by your partner. Other than your partner, any other Pokemon that you have recruited will not be by your side.

Once you reach Lapis Cave, you will be rescuing Shiftry. Make your way until you reach B14F.

You have to do nothing but reach the exit and your job is going to be completed automatically.

You are going to come across a lot of waterways in this dungeon that are going to hinder your path. This is where you have to be careful otherwise you are going to lose your team.

Here, the Pokemon which can fly and float is going to help you to get out of this area.

In this dungeon, you are going to experience one of the most dangerous debuff moves. Screech, which can decrease DEF by 75%, is a very lethal move and you will come across it here.

Because of this move, Golbat found here is extremely dangerous. Avoid this as much as you can if possible.