Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Kecleon Shop Guide

Mystery Dungeon DX has a very helpful shop where you can buy and sell items called the ‘Kecleon Dungeon Shop’. This Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Kecleon Shop does not have a proper location, so it can be a bit tricky to find.

This guide will tell you how you can find the Kecleon Dungeon Shop and recruit Kecleon itself.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Kecleon Shop

The Kecleon Dungeon Shop has a random chance of spawning anywhere, so there is no set location where you can find it.

However, finding it is not a difficult task at all since all you need to do is take a look at your map and look for item indicators aligned lined up together in a room.

This will let you know that there is a Kecleon Dungeon Shop on the floor you’re standing on.

Kecleon Dungeon Shop Mechanics
Not only can you buy and sell items in the Kecleon Dungeon Shop, but you can also steal items; though, you will then be chased by the Kecleon for doing so.

When you’re inside the shop, you have to be a bit careful as it doesn’t protect you from enemies.

They are allowed to enter the shop and battle you. Before you go into the shop, remember to take care of the enemies.

How to Recruit Kecleon
An amazing feature of the Kecleon Dungeon Shop is that you are able to recruit the Kecleon itself. To start a battle with it, steal an item from the shop to piss it off.

Before you do so, make sure to prepare properly and bring powerful Pokemon for the battle because the Kecleon is no joke. He is extremely strong and will rip you to shreds if you come unprepared.

To get the Kecleon on your team, you have to be right next to it and your leader has to deal the final blow. Also, make sure to have sufficient space in your party.

You can boost your chances of recruiting him by having your leader hold a Friend Ribbon.

Your Party Leader’s level also affects your chances of recruiting him so try to get your Party Leader to as high of a level as you can to maximize your chances of recruiting Kecleon.