Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Great Canyon Walkthrough

In order to get to the Great Canyon in Mystery Dungeon, you need to know some strategies which are going to help you in the game. This Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Great Canyon Walkthrough will take you through the complete dungeon.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Great Canyon

Firstly, before leaving for the Great Canyon, you would need to exit your house along with your partner which is going to trigger a cutscene.

You have to get your team prepared before you decide to leave for Great Canyon. Once you are ready to leave, head south of your base to go to Great Canyon.

Another thing you should keep in mind before you enter the Great Canyon is your Pokemon. Pokemon which are found inside the Great Canyon is weak against fire.

This means that if you have a Fire-type team member or a member who can utilize Fire-type moves then it is going to end up in your benefit.

You are going to meet Xatu when you are inside the dungeon. At first, you would have to fight your way to 12F and then you would have to visit Hill of the Ancients to view the cutscene and finish the job.

The dungeon is full of wild Pokemon and among them is Vileplume. Vileplume is often found inflicting numerous status effects including Poison and Stun with its moves like the Poison Powder.

You need to have a remedy with you at all times to heal yourself from it. Remedies such as Pecha Berry are useful for countering these types of moves.

Weirdly enough, there are no boss fights in this dungeon. Once you reach the final floor, Hill of the Ancients, it is going to trigger a cutscene. And further, you are not going to be fighting with any bosses in the dungeon.