Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Abilities Guide

When you play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch, you will find yourself constantly being thrown into different battles. They key to winning battles is the perfect use of abilities, all of which we will list in this Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Abilities Guide.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Abilities

You have a variety of Pokemon and there are a ton of different abilities that can help you get the edge in battle. This guide will detail each Ability and its effect.

Keep in mind that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Abilities are different from rare qualities that a Pokemon might posses.

Adaptability: Power boost to moves that match your Pokemon type.

Aerilate: Changes Normal-type moves into Flying type and boosts damage.

Air Lock: Removes any Weather effects in the area.

Anger Point: Your Pokemon will get a strong Attack boost upon taking a critical hit.

Anticipation: The Pokemon can anticipate and dodge powerful moves at times.

Arena Trap: This ability will prevent any enemies near your Pokemon from walking. It does not affect Flying or Ghost-types, as well as Pokemon that can run away or levitate.

Battle Armor: Your Pokemon is protected against Critical Hits.

Blaze: Your Pokemon gains a power boost to Fire-Type moves when HP is low.

Chlorophyll: If the weather is sunny of your Pokemon is standing directly in Extremely Harsh Sunlight, it will do a movie twice in a row at the consumption of PP.

Clear Body: The Pokemon’s Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, accuracy, and evasiveness cannot be decreased.

Cloud Nine : The effects of Weather are removed from the floor.

Color Change: The Pokemon switches type to the type of the move that hurt it. It stays in this form until you go to another floor.

Competitive: Increase in Sp.Atk when Pokemon’s stats decrease.

Compound Eyes: Boost to the Pokemon’s accuracy.

Cursed Body When the Pokemon takes damage from an enemy’s move, it sometimes seals the move.

Cute Charm When the Pokemon is damaged with a physical move, like Tackle or Scratch, the aggressor can become attracted to the pokemon, and has a chance of not attacking at all.

Damp Not a single move, trap, or item that can cause detonations will function on the same level that the Pokemon is on.

Delta Stream The current area will be filled with heavy Winds.

Desolate Land The current level will experience incredibly Harsh Sunlight.

Download The selected Pokemon’s Attack or Sp. Atk goes up on occasion when the Pokemon uses a move on an opposing Pokemon. The type of attack raises based on the enemy’s stats.

Drizzle A sudden downpour of rain fills the arena.

Drought Scorching sunlight beams through the floor, changing the condition of the battle to Sunny.

Dry Skin The Pokemon soaks up Water-type moves to build up its HP. Rain or Heavy Rain assists the current Pokemon replace HP gradually more rapidly. But the Pokemon does not restore as quickly when the current weather is Sunny or there is Harsh Sunlight. As well, the Pokemon does not succeed as easily against Fire-type attacks.

Early Bird When a Pokemon is struck with the Sleep, Napping, Yawning, or Nightmare status effect, the effect will be rendered ineffective in fewer turns.

Effect Spore When the Pokemon is struck with a connection attack such as Tackle or even Scratch, the assailant is sometimes effected with the status effect namely Poison, Paralysis, or Sleep for a time.

Filter The Pokemon currently in play receives far less injuries due to super effective attacks.

Flame Body As soon as the Pokemon is damaged with a physical contact attack, such as Tackle or Scratch, the aggressor can be inflicted with a Burn effect. The Ability also destroys items tossed at the Pokemon.

Flash Fire The Pokemon will soak up any Fire-type attacks which could be used on it, effectively boosting the ability of Fire-type moves it already has.

Forecast The Pokemon is able to change its typing depending the current weather condition. For example: Sunny weather or Incredibly Harsh Sunlight, the Pokemon changes to a Fire type. Alternatively, during Rain or Heavy Rain, the Pokemon alters to Water type Pokemon. Lastly, when there is Hail present, it alters its type to Ice.

Forewarn The position of Pokemon and or any items on the current floor will be revealed when the Pokemon receives the Sleep, Napping, or Nightmare status effect.

Frisk When the Pokemon ambushes an opposing Pokemon, it will learn the title of the item that the enemy has in its possession.

Gluttony Ordinarily when the Pokemon consumes, or swallows an item some Health is able to be restored as well.

Guts Unfortunately when the Pokemon is affected by a negative status effect, such as poison or a burn, the capacity of its physical attack goes much higher.

Huge Power Occasionally the full ability of the Pokemon’s physical attack can rise significantly.

Hustle The full power of the Pokemon’s physical moves rises by a large margin, but the accuracy of the attacks go down quite a bit.

Hydration This ability restores the Pokemon’s negative status effects, like being  stricken poison or penalization, when the weather is currently Rainy or Heavily Rainy.

Hyper Cutter The Pokemon’s move will not be downgraded.

Ice Body This power assists the Pokemon with restoring HP gradually quicker when the weather involves Hail.

Illuminate If the Pokemon makes use of an illuminating attack, such as a Confuse Ray or a Light Screen, the Pokemon will throw out a Decoy to absorb enemy attacks.

Immunity It shields the Pokemon from receiving Poisoned or severely Poisoned.

Inner Focus This Ability saveguards the Pokemon from receiving the Flinch status effect.

Insomnia The Pokemon will not gain any  Sleep, Napping, Yawning, or Nightmare negative status effects.

Intimidate When the Pokemon is assaulted with a contact attack by an opposing Pokemon next to it, the damage is lessened.

Iron Fist The power of a physical blow moves rises significantly.

Keen Eye The Pokemon’s accuracy will not be lessened at all. The Pokemon will also not be affected by a pokemon’s heightened evasiveness as well.

Leaf Guard The Pokemon is safeguarded from negative status effects, which include poison or paralysis. But in the middle of Sunny weather or even in Extremely Harsh Sunlight the same applies.

Levitate Ground-type attacks, one of which is Magnitude, will not harm the Pokemon in any way.

Lightning Rod The Electric-type moves of the rival Pokemon on the same floor are aimed to the Pokemon and soaked up. When the Pokemon absorbs Electric-type attacks, its Sp. Atk increases.

Limber The Pokemon is sheltered from any form of Paralysis status effect.

Liquid Ooze Pokemon who are hit by an HP-absorbing attack, the selected Pokemon’s HP is not absorbed and the rival is wounded.

Magic Bounce The Pokemon mirrors back status effect moves and any results of wands. Sadly not every attackis able to be reflected.

Magic Guard The Pokemon will not be able to take a hit from  things like the Sandstorm weather effect, Blast Traps, or becoming Poisoned.

Magma Armor This Ability secures the Pokemon from receiving any Frozen status effect. It also burns up any items thrown towards the Pokemon.

Magnet Pull Steel-type rivals standing next to the Pokemon can no longer walk. However, rarely it is possibly that this Ability will have no effect at all.

Marvel Scale When the Pokemon receives a negative status effect, including poison or paralysis, its Defense increases.

Mega Launcher Aura Sphere along with moves that include “Pulse” in their names become more usefull.

Minus If a teammate in the very same room receives the Plus or Minus Ability, the Pokemon’s Sp. Atk is able to increase.

Mold Breaker The Pokemon can inflict both damage and status effects on enemies regardless of their Abilities.

Motor Drive The Pokemon draws in Electric-type moves in order to raise its Travel Speed.

Natural Cure This Ability is able to cure each and every negative status effect the Pokemon has in its possession.

No Guard When alterations to the Pokemon’s and its enemy’s accuracy or evasiveness make it significantly more troublesome for attacks to connect, those changes stop so that the Pokemon can have a completely even battle.

Normalize All moves used by the Pokemon are changed directly to Normal type and deal a higher number of damage.

Oblivious The Pokemon will not be able to get love-struck. Captivate and Taunt will also become ineffective.

Overgrow When the Pokemon’s overall health is running low, the damage caused by Grass-type moves goes up.

Own Tempo This Ability shelters the selected Pokemon from becoming Confused in any way.

Parental Bond Kangaskhan and its kin will be able to battle along one another. This Ability is unable to be altered or sealed.

Pickup When the Pokemon travels to a new level, it is possible for them to acquire an item. However, this ability can sometimes be ineffective.

Pixilate Normal-type moves wielded by the Pokemon transform into Fairy type moves and dish out far more damage.

Plus If a teammate on the very same floor has possession of the Plus or Minus Ability, the Pokemon’s Sp. Atk increases.

Poison Heal The Pokemon draws in the damage it would typically receive from being Poisoned or incredibly Poisoned, instead it restores its health.

Poison Point When the Pokemon is damaged with a single physical attack, such as Tackle or Scratch, the pokemon is able to get poisoned occasionally

Prankster the moment a Pokemon uses a status effect attack, it is able to use it twice at once but only uses 1 PP. The move will fail if the receiver is a Dark-type Pokemon.

Pressure When an rival Pokemon uses an attack, the move will consume a larger amount of PP than usual.

Primordial Sea The current level will experience Heavy Rain.

Pure Power Sometimes the power of the Pokemon’s physical moves goes up.

Quick Feet When the Pokemon receives a negative status effect, including poison or paralysis, its base Speed increases.

Rain Dish This Ability assists the Pokemon in restoring HP gradually faster when the weather condition includes Rain or Heavy Rain.

Reckless The power of moves with recoil damage and attacks that are able to cause the selected Pokemon to take damage if they do not succeed increases. Alternatively the damage the Pokemon receives also increases. Sadly, no effect on some moves such as Struggle and Final Gambit can be seen.

Refrigerate Normal-type attacks utilized by the selected Pokemon are able to change into Ice type, and inflict more damage.

Rivalry The Pokemon is able to perform a higher damage attack to opponents that share the same type.

Rock Head The Pokemon will not be able to be injured when it utilizes attacks which cause recoil damage.

Rough Skin When the Pokemon is suddenly struck with a physical attack such as Tackle or Scratch, it turns out the user receives damage.

Run Away The Pokemon will be able to run at any time.

Sand Force The Pokemon will not be able to be damaged by the Sandstorm weather effect, and the ability of the Pokemon’s Rock, Ground, and Steel-type moves are able to rise during a sandstorm.

Sand Stream Sandstorm will be the current Weather effect.

Sand Veil The Pokemon will not be harmed by the Sandstorm weather effect at all, and its evasiveness increases during a sandstorm.

Scrappy Ghost-type Pokemon are able to be hurt by Normal and Fighting-type attacks.

Serene Grace Additional effects are more likely to be present when a Pokemon performs a move.

Shadow Tag Enemies standing with the Pokemon can no longer walk. This Ability is ineffective againt Ghost-type Pokemon and those with the Run Away or Shadow Tag Ability.

Shed Skin This Ability has the chance of curing every status condition the Pokemon is affected by.

Sheer Force The base power of the Pokemon’s attack will increase, but added effects will not be included.

Shell ArmorThe enemy’s ability to land a critical hit is removed.

Shield Dust Blocking additional effects when the Pokemon is damaged by a move is essence of this ability

Simple When the Pokemon’s stats alter, the base quantity they are able to change will be doubled. Any decrease in stats will be doubled as well.

Skill Link When the Pokemon utilizes a multiple hit attack, that of which being Pin Missile or Fury Attack, the attack always lands the highest amount of times that is possible.

Sniper This Ability heightens the hit points of attacks that turn out to be critical hits.

Snow Cloak The Pokemon is not able to be wounded by Hail, and hailstorms in turn cause the Pokemon’s evasiveness to increase.

Solar Power In the course of Sunny weather or in Extremely Harsh Sunlight, the Pokemon’s Sp. Atk strongly increases , but the Pokemon can no longer restore its Health little by little and keeps receiving damage.

Solid Rock The Pokemon receives far less hit point damage from super effective attack moves.

Soundproof The Pokemon is no longer affected by the effects of attacks that utilize things like sound, Growl or Uproar being an example. But this also renders those moves useless when a teammate uses them.

Speed Boost The Pokemon’s base speed is able to increase occasionally.

Stall The Pokemon sneak attacks rivals that come near it.

Static When the Pokemon is struck with a move that involves contact, Tackle or Scratch for example, the assailant is sometimes struck with Paralysis.

Steadfast A Pokemon’s Travel Speed increases when the Flinch effect is applied

Stench When the Pokemon is pounced upon by a Pokemon next to it, it is sometimes able to put the rival in a Terrified state.

Sticky Hold The Pokemon is able to hold items without dropping them.

Strong Jaw Attacks that utilize the mouth or fangs, such as Bite or Fire Fang, receive more power.

Sturdy With a Pokemon at full health, attacks that would typically defeat the Pokemon instead leave it with 1 HP. This is also effective against moves like Fissure that can cause a critical hit.

Suction Cups The Pokemon is able to stand it’s ground without wavering.

Super Luck The critical-hit rate of a Pokemon is increased.

Swarm At Low health, bug type moves become more effective.

Swift Swim while using a move in Rain or Heavy Rain, the Pokemon utilizes the move 2 times at once, but only uses 1 PP.

Synchronize Pokemon that are Poisoned, Badly Poisoned, have Paralysis, or a Burn,  will pass the effect to the neighboring Pokemon.

Tangled Feet The evasiveness of a pokemon rises when confused.

Technician By using a move with lower damage, the move performs more hit point dmage.

Thick Fat Fire and Ice moves are less effective.

Tinted Lens A not very effective move becomes more powerful when used.

Torrent Water type moves increase in effectiveness when HP is low.

Tough Claws Physical attack become more effective.

Trace The Pokemon is able to copy the ability of the opposing Pokemon when attacked, or from a teammate. This effect lingers until they reach a new floor.

Truant While using a move, a Pokemon will gain the Truant effect which can affect a pokemon that is next to a sleeping Pokemon, and gain the Yawning effect.

Vital Spirit Sleep, Napping, Yawning, and Nightmare statuses are no longer effective.

Volt Absorb Health is restored by drawing in Electric-type moves.

Water Absorb Water-type attacks are utilized to restore health.

Water Veil Burn conditions are no longer effective.

White Smoke Accuracy, and evasiveness of base attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, are not effected

Wonder Guard Super effective attacks deal no damage, but weather and traps still deal some damage.