How to Evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

Having been acquainted with all the Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX, you might still not know how to evolve your Pokemon throughout the course of the full game. That is because there is a little twist to it so let us show you How to Evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX.

How to Evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

The ability to evolve Pokemon is not available until you have completed the main storyline. Only after the completion of the main storyline will you be able to evolve any of your Pokemon to their next forms.

The first Pokemon to evolve will be Snubbull. After the main storyline is complete, you’ll notice that there is something off with Snubbull.

Heading to the Whishcash Pond’s Luminous Cave will evolve him. Henceforth, the Luminous Cave will be available for you to evolve your Pokemon.

To evolve your Pokemon, head to Whiscash Pond north of the Pokemon Square.

There, you can evolve any specific Pokemon by making them the party leader and having them enter the Luminous Cave alone. Only one Pokemon can be evolved at a time.

To make a Pokemon the leader of the team, approach it in its Friend Area, and let it join the team.

Then when you’ll talk to it, you’d be able to select the option; Make Leader, which will make it the leader of the team.

When you have to make a leader of another Pokemon in order to evolve it, you’ll have to go to the Friend Area of the current leader Pokemon and ask it to Stand By.

Pokemon will only evolve if they have already reached the level required for evolution.

This method of evolution excludes Pokemon that evolve through the use of various stones, Evolution Crystals or other items.

These items can be won in tough dungeons or bought from dungeon shops, but only after the main storyline is complete.

Other Pokemon that evolve only through raise in IQ, which can only be achieved by Feeding Gummies to the Pokemon.

Mega Evolution
Mega Evolution, on the other hand, is a bit different. It is specific to only the Pokemon that have the ability to Mega Evovle i.e. Charizard or Groudon.

To Mega Evolve, you need to use an Empowerment Seed, which can be bought or found in dungeons.

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