Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Beginners Tips

In this guide, we shall be discussing how to get started with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. These Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Beginners Tips will also include gameplay tips and tricks and how to approach different situations. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Beginners Tips

You will take a quiz at the beginning of this game and that quiz will determine what Pokemon would be the best fit for your personality.

In this way, you will get your first Pokemon to dictate. If you prefer any other Pokemon instead of the one given to you then there is also an option to select one manually.

Keep in mind type and move when you are choosing your starter Pokemon because the Pokemon that you start out with will have a major impact on the smoothness of your game as well as when you level up and recruit more allies.

Selecting Pokemon that can hold their own in a fight are recommended, examples of such Pokemon are Pikachu and Totodile. These two are best even when paired with other Pokemon.

Dungeon Tips
Dungeon generation in this game is random; there is a whole procedure with which dungeons are made. There is a theme attached to each dungeon but they will be unique in once way to another depending on what Pokemon you meet and the items you have.

If you come across a Kecleon Dungeon shop you’d be able to buy and sell items while you are in the dungeon. This shop is also randomly generated.

In the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, a turn-based combat system is implemented and the enemies will move only in reaction to your moves, so there is no need to hurry; always think before doing a move because you have time on your hand.

Swinging your attacks manually is a good way of fighting efficiently even when the target is out of reach. This will cost you a turn but it would be worth it because you would cause a lot of damage.

Also, remember powering up your moves using the feature Move Growth. Using the move more frequently will increase its power.

You should avoid being in the open as you can get attacked by enemies there.

Managing Items and Hunger
There will be a hunger meter as well along with and HP meter for your Pokemon Rescue team members and yourself. As you spend more time in the dungeon or use special move.

Always remember to gather food and items to fulfill your hunger requirements otherwise starvation will get the best of you and if you faint because of starvation along with all of your team, you will have to start the dungeon again and all of the items that you gathered in this adventure will be lost.

In case your party has drowned, you would have to go on a rescue mission to revive them. Other players can also be asked to take part in your mission. If the rescue mission is successful you would be able to continue right where you left off.

Pokemon Square
Your base of operations is known as Pokemon square. It has many useful facilities as well as pokemon residents that can help you out on your journey. Other helpful places in the game are:

  • The Kecleons’ Shop which lets you purchase items that would be very helpful.
  • Felicity bank is where you can deposit the excess money you have and keep it safe because even if you are defeated, this money wouldn’t be lost.
  • Kangaskhan Storage is the place where you can store any excess items that you can get later on to use in your adventure.
  • Makuhita Dojo is where you can train your pokemon to level them up using the Dojo Drills where they would be taught about the harsh dungeons and how to get through them.
  • Gulpin Link Shop is the place where you can combine different moves of different pokemon to make powerful combos.
  • Wigglytuff’s Camp Corner is where you can get camps that you can use on the field.
  • Pelipper Post office is the place to go when you have to take part in rescue missions for your stranded team mates.

Wonder Mails
You can strengthen your rescue team using wonder mail which can be accessed using the main menu where inputting a 8 digit password will yield you some rewards.

This would grant you access to bonus dungeons where you would be able to find new pokemon as well.

After finishing the game you can recruit legendary pokemon and evolve the ones you already have and have fun at the new dungeons as more features will be available after ending the main story.