Command And Conquer Cutscenes Being Cleaned Up For The Remaster

One of the hallmarks of the original Command and Conquer games were the fact that they used live-action cutscenes in between missions, rather than using computer-generated cutscenes or text-based cutscenes. The original Command and Conquer cutscenes are being cleaned up for the remaster too, according to a YouTube video from producer Jim Vessalla.

Various actors that portrayed the characters in the games included Ray Wise, Barry Corbin, Tim Curry, and more. At least one actor, Kia Hutzinger, who originally played Allied Forces character Eva, has also announced that she’d be returning to the game to do voice work.

In the original game, the cutscenes were fairly blocky and full of aliasing, which these days wouldn’t fly especially for a remastered game. However, with painstaking work and AI technology, the devs have made it so that these cutscenes now look much better.

Along with not making the cutscenes as blocky as they used to be, their framerate has also increased. Rather than being 15 frames per second like it was originally, it’s been increased to 30 frames per second. However, before they could fix the Command and Conquer cutscenes, they had to find them.

Since the games came out in the mid-90s, VHS tapes were still a thing and thus all of the cutscenes were recorded on them. The studio had to hunt down these tapes so that they could not only upload the footage, but be able to fix it up.

However, we won’t just be seeing the normal cutscene footage, either. Apparently, as the studio was looking for the old tapes, they found hours of footage that hadn’t ever been seen before. This will be placed into the game in a special gallery, and that gallery will increase in size with each completed mission.

The Command and Conquer remaster currently doesn’t have any release date available, but if they’re going through all of this effort to fix the game up for modern machines, hopefully they’ll be well worth the wait. Thankfully, the games will also not have microtransactions.