Apex Legends Deja Loot Event Guide

Apex’s System Override event introduced players to the time-limited Deja Loot mode. This introduces a predictability factor to Apex Legends for time. This guide is here to help players understand and take advantage of the Apex Legends Deja Loot Event system while it is in place.

Apex Legends Deja Loot Event

What the Deja Loot system essentially does is fix loot spawn points throughout the map. Yes! You heard it right, now if you find a weapon armor or any useful item in a specific place it will spawn there in the same place for every game throughout the day.

This means you can grab your favorite items right off the bat, or more simply at the start of the game. Be careful though, just as you want it there may be others with whom you will have to race and fight to get it.

The limited-time mode will also change arenas weekly. Starting with World’s Edge, but Kings Canyon, Apex’s titular map, is making a return to the map pool towards the end of the event. Players will be able to play on the season two version of Kings Canyon during the second week of the limited-time event.

Déjà Loot is also the only place where players can find one of System Override’s most intriguing additions, the Evo Shield.

The great point about the shield is that although it starts off on the same stats as the regular white shield, and increases with total damage delivered, firstly at 100, then 355 and finally the last increase at 755 total damage delivered. In its final stage, it gives 125 shield protection which is 25 points more than the Golden shields have to offer.

To ease players into the new system we have compiled here a list detailing the best location in-game to get the best loot.


  • You can get a gold shield and a fully-kitted Sentinel on the train on the northern end of the map.
  • The train also has a purple backpack, a Phoenix Kit, and a gold knockdown shield.
  • The buildings on the south side can contain weapons such as the R-301, Flatline, or Havoc.
  • The eastern side of the point of interest has two buildings close to the middle and the leftmost of the pair contains a Triple Take, two blue shields, and a shield battery.
  • Further up north you can pick up a Precision Choke.

The Epicenter

  • The building south of the Epicenter has gold armor, as well as a Sentinel, Spitfire, and purple extended heavy mag.


  • In the area around the round building you can get a P2020 with Hammerpoint Rounds and a white shield.
  • Adjacent to the point of interest you can find a purple shield in a house if you are making your way towards the Epicenter and an arsenal awaits you on the way.
  • Further up the road a house contains an R-99, a Wingman, and the newly added Evo Shield.

Fragment East

  • The southeastern-most building should allow you to take a Flatline and with it a purple extended magazine and Anvil Receiver.
  • You’ll also find an R-99 and a Phoenix Kit in the same building.
  • A purple shield further can be acquired further into the point of interest, close to the main bridge.
  • If you make your way to the southwestern-most building, you can find a blue armor, a blue backpack, a shield battery, a purple shotgun bolt.

Mirage Voyage

  • Players can get two purple shields in the adjacent area, as well as looting the rest of the point of interest for a vault key.

Unnamed Area

  • Somewhere on the mountain between the Train Yard and the Planet Harvester, likely in the Vault is another Gold Armor.

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