Unpublished Diablo 4 Art Is “Nightmare Fuel”: Fergusson

For those unaware, the Diablo franchise will now be overseen by Rod Fergusson, previously head of The Coalition and the face of the Gears of War franchise. Fergusson made the announcement of his departure last month but it was only this week that he has officially taken charge as the new executive producer.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Fergusson shared that his second day at Blizzard gained him access to the Diablo 4 art archive. He exclaimed that some of the ideas being generated look stunning and yet disturbing at the same time. He particularly described the artwork as “nightmare fuel” but refrained from uploading any images since the artwork is for Blizzard eyes only.

Blizzard has made a commitment to take Diablo 4 back to the gritty and darker atmosphere for which the franchise was originally known for. Hence, the high praise coming from Fergusson can be taken as another assurance that Blizzard is indeed combing through the deepest parts of hell to create a nightmarish and gory Diablo 4 — what fans have been longing for since the early Diablo 2 days.

Diablo 4 remains in early stages of development and hence, without a release date. Blizzard has only released an amazing cinematic trailer and a few updates on how the developer will be addressing particular gameplay systems. Some speculation pins a release window somewhere in 2022 at the earliest, meaning that Fergusson will have plenty of time to mould Diablo 4 accordingly.

It goes without saying that the wait will be long. However, that will eventually prove good for the fans because Blizzard wants Diablo 4 to be the perfect entry. The developer has even mentioned cross-play support to be in consideration, at least once certain technicalities are ironed out.

In addition, while Blizzard has only mentioned current-generation platforms, the far-off release does suggest Diablo 4 to be coming for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as well. Not jumping on the newer machines will be a lost opportunity for Blizzard.

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