Steam Hardware Survey Says AMD Gaining Ground On Other Graphics Cards

Another Steam hardware survey is here at last, and it’s already showing that AMD is catching up in terms of usage to its various competitors. While there are no major changes to the game right now, the PC technology market is constantly in flux, and right now AMD seems to be taking advantage.

Even though Nvidia and Intel are still currently dominant in the processor and graphics card markets, AMD has been making good progress since the previous hardware survey. Helped along by their partnership with Microsoft, the company is slowly gaining ground.

80 percent of Steam users, according to the Steam hardware survey, make use of Windows 10 computers. AMD itself has gained a single percent in terms of processors. While its progress with graphics cards was worse, as many still make use of Nvidia’s GTX cards, AMD still made progress, going from 15.28 percent to 15.80 percent.

Besides the 80 percent of Steam users that use the 64-bit version of Windows 10, the survey also points towards a majority that use 16-gig RAM setups and a quad-core processor. However, at the same time, that setup is experiencing a downturn.

Getting back to AMD, despite not showing very much progress in terms of catching up to other companies, the company was able to increase its market share on graphics cards since the last few years. From October to December, the company’s newest graphics cards had a total value of $3.9 billion in sales.

This is up from a similar period from last year, being 33.4 percent better since last year and 12.3 percent better than the previous quarter. This, altogether, brought its marketshare up to 31.08 percent from last year’s 18.77 percent, and four points up from the last three months.

While AMD still has a pretty long road ahead of it, the Steam hardware survey does at least point to Intel and Nvidia having less of a dominant stranglehold on the graphics card market.