How to Get Psycho and Drip Hunter Masks in The Division 2

Did somebody say Hunter masks? Well, you heard it right, along with a bunch of new content, players now have access to eight new Hunter masks, which can be rather tricky to get your hands onto. In this guide, we will show you how to get Psycho and Drip Hunter Masks in The Division 2 Warlords of New York.

How to Get Psycho and Drip Hunter Masks in The Division 2

Getting your hands on these latest masks isn’t as easy as it seems. There are a set of instructions you will have to follow, which lucky for you, we have written all about in detail. Let’s get shooting.

Your first destination on the map is the Civic Center; find the launderette on the Canal Street, enter and interact with the washing machine labelled 23; doing so, will result in the room going dark and then a sudden red light will pop out from within the darkness. Behind you, you will see a fuse box which is missing a very important component: The fuse.

Said fuse can be found in Two Bridges. Head North from the safe house until you see a pizzeria, in front of the pizza place, you will see a climbable grey crate. Get on top and face the brick building behind the green shed. Here, you will find a yellow box to the right of the building; shoot it.

After doing so, climb over the wall and go through the newly opened door to your right. Here, you will find yet another fuse box with a spare fuse; just what you needed! Grab the fuse and head back to the launderette to install the fuse you just found and start the next step to hunt the Psycho and Drip hunters.

After interacting with the washing machine again, you will get a key to Apartment 23. Huh, neat. Make your way out of the launderette, and to your right will be a flight of stairs where you will find letters and numbers on the wall for you to interact with.

Once done, head to the building directly South of the launderette, on top of it you can shoot a rope allowing you to climb the building. Head down the ladder after reaching the top and make your way across the rooftops where you will be able to break down metal grates to make a bridge.

Climb the stairs after crossing the bridge where you will see a yellow box in the air. You know what we do to yellow boxes, so get shooting.

To your left will be a grey door with a yellow cable, behind you will be buildings with a yellow box. Shoot the yellow box, duh. The grey door will now open and the room contains several chests to open along with a pretty creepy warning. You are warned to not come any closer. Which is why you will move in closer and interact with the writing.

Now your destination is the school in the Civic Centre where a dead body is sitting near the fence. Interact with said body and Psycho and Drip Hunters will spawn.

Keep your damage output high, and do not miss any shots as the Hunters can easily run away if they get bored.

Beating these hunters give you your long-awaited reward; the Psycho and Drip masks along with a few off-white keys that can open a chest in the new settlement.