Call of Duty Modern Warfare Tamagunchi Guide

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Tamagunchi is a virtual pet on your virtual wrist. They are virtual creations that only exist within the world of Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

The Tamagunchi does have the staples of that kind of virtual pet system, expressing certain emotions reflecting their physical state. They can even die, though the exact consequences of such an even haven’t been fully revealed. What makes the pet different is that its growth is, fortunately, tied to the game’s core mechanics.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Tamagunchi

There is currently only one main way of unlocking the Tamagunchi in Modern Warfare. However, it requires you to spend real-life cash.

You can purchase the watch from in-game store for 1000 COD Points which rewards you with a Watch and a bunch of bonus items. After making the purchase you can then simply equip the watch.

How to Hatch Your Tamagunchi
Hatching your Tomogunchi is very simple. You just have to score some points. Every activity you complete in this game that rewards you with points contributes towards hatching your Tomogunchi pet.

Activities included in helping you score some points can be:

  • Killing enemy players
  • Assisting in killing enemy players
  • Bonus points for kills (Headshots etc.)
  • Capturing, Defending objectives in objective-based modes
  • Completing challenges and other objectives
  • Destroying enemy equipment & kill streaks
  • Winning matches
  • Launching kill streaks

As it is score based, you need to opt a high score mode to speed up the process of hatching.

Game modes like Kill Confirmed, gives you bonus points on number of kills.

Normal Deathmatch is entirely doable if you are a high scoring player but if not then try to focus on game modes that reward a high amount of score for completing objectives.

Tamagunchi Watch Symbols
Once you hatch the Tomogunchi you may be wondering “What Are the Tomogunchi Watch Symbols”?

On the side of your Tomogunchi Watch you will see 4 icons. These icons represent how your Tomogunchi is feeling. It is important for you to pay attention toward its feelings otherwise it can get sick and eventually, will die.

The Tomogunchi is like a miniature pet in the game. Once you buy a watch, you can raise a Tomogunchi as a companion to join you on the field of battle. As with all pets, you are expected to take care of the Tomogunchi by following its basic needs.

So far there are 4 basic emotions that your Tomogunchi can be feeling. Each emotion corresponds to performing a certain action within the game. Starting from top to bottom of the icons.

The emotions are as follows:

  • Hungry
  • Dirty
  • Unruly
  • Sleepy

The emotions are linked to each action. If one of the icons is showing, it’s a black color when it is in effect which means you must complete the related task to fulfill the Tomogunchi’s needs.

  • Object Scoring (Hungry)
  • Wins (Dirty)
  • Kill streaks (Unruly)
  • Kills (Sleepy)

How to Check Your Tamagunchi Watch
There are multiple ways for checking the status of your watch providing you valuable information such as hatching, dying, or need attention & feeding.

There are two main methods of checking your Tomogunchi Watch. Both are kind of the same in terms of information provided.

When you first receive your Tamagunchi Watch, it’s an egg or it can be dead if your luck has ran out. You can check the watch to find out when it hatches and then later check the watch to find out how your Tamagunchi pet is doing. It’s important to care for it in the right way.

The primary method for checking your watch is when you are in the match. During kills or at respawns, you can check it at any point. Before doing this you need to make sure that the correct gesture is equipped.

Go to the following menus to equip the correct gesture so that you can check your Tamagunchi Watch in matches.

  1. Barracks
  2. Identity
  3. Gestures and Sprays
  4. Check Watch

Once you are in the match hold on to the D-Pad and then select the Gesture. This brings up the watch to center screen so you can see it.

Other than that you can check the watch between matches in the menu screens. Follow these steps for that method:

  1. Weapons
  2. Watch Select
  3. Press R3 or check the lower left for the prompt
  4. Preview watch

How to Revive Dead Tamagunchi
Some players have reported of starting with a dead Tamagunchi. We will tell you everything you need to know in how to breathe a new life into your dead pet and revive it so that it can be used again if future.

So if you are one of those who start off with a dead pet so you don’t have to worry because this is actually a bug.

Thing is when you first purchase your Tamagunchi watch you are supposed to get an egg. You’re then tasked with raising the egg until it hatches but what if it’s not this way then?

So at the moment if you are beginning with a dead Tomogunchi you won’t be able to revive it until Activision releases a patch to fix the bug. Don’t feel bad already at this scenario keeping yourself in a thought that your money got wasted.

The good part is there are a number of players that have reported fixing the bug themselves. So the method for fixing this bug is according to them is:

You need to first go into your equipment and unequip the watch. After that equip the watch again.

You can examine the watch on the screen to see if it is an egg or a dead Tamagunchi, the symbol is pretty obvious so you shouldn’t need to get into a game.