Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Champion of Stormfall Guide

Once you’ve completed the main campaign of Wolcen, you will be elected as regent and will have the duty of rebuilding Stormfall. This is going to be a very expensive and time-consuming task. This Wolcen Champions of Stormfall guide will sum up everything you need to know about the endgame.

This includes what upgrades to get, farming tips for gold and many other useful tips to keep in mind when going through the Wolcen Lords of Mayhem endgame.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Champion of Stormfall

Rebuilding Stormfall
The reconstruction of Stormfall can be achieved by listening to the suggestions of several advisers regarding what new facilities to build.

This requires that you use your gold, primordial affinities, and deal with difficult activities to speed up the process. You need to do this so that you can allocate productivity and get Stormfall rebuilt.

Getting Productivity (Mandates & Expeditions)
There are two main methods of gaining productivity.

The Mandates Board allows you to tackle a quest that requires you to finish off some enemies. Completing the mission and returning to the mandate will grant you a bit of productivity for your efforts.

You can boost the amount you get by going for the Productivity upgrades we previously mentioned.

You fight enemies at the same level as you so it’s a fairly easy method but it doesn’t give you the most lucrative returns. If you’re up for a bit of grinding to get higher rewards then you should tackle Expeditions.

Expeditions are dungeons with multiple levels of increasing difficulty that you must make your way through. Adding to the challenge is the fact that you cannot use the town portal to return to town.

Defeating a boss in Wolcen will cause portals to open to the next dungeon level. Each level is tougher than the last but offers richer rewards as well.

If you get killed at any point, you will lose all the loot you gathered during the expedition and will not be rewarded with any productivity.

These are extremely difficult but they serve as the most efficient way of acquiring gold at the start of endgame.

Upgrading facilities
Speak with Thunderblade Zalahir in town and you will get to the Stormfall Projects map in Champion of Stormfall mode. This allows you to assign projects for gold, primordial affinity, and productivity.

The upgrades you will want to definitely get first are the ones for the Training Facilities and Planning Committee at Stormfall Keep.

You will want the citizens to be able to tackle missions ASAP so be sure to unlock the Seekers Garrison.

You’ll also want to boost up your gold, primordial affinity, and productivity. For this reason, you should focus on productivity bonuses after obtaining the Planning Committee I upgrade in Champion of Stormfall.

Afterward, you should get the Planning Committee II upgrade in order to build the Siphon Chamber and Instillator. This allows you to get gold in exchange for primordial affinity or vice versa.

Planning Committee III grants you access to facilities like the Dark Market and Transmutation Forge.

Farming Gold and Primordial affinity
Until you build the Siphon Chamber, you should try consuming Enneracts since each one grants you 100 primordial affinity. Once your townsfolk start doing missions via the Seekers Garrison, the will pay you a bit of gold when they return.

If you have the time, Champion of Stormfall expeditions yield a lot more gold than mandates (more on those in a second). If you survive up until the end of an expedition, then you can get tens of thousands of gold coins to spend.

Zone Modifiers
If you’ve got at least 2500 gold, you can use it to gain Zone Modifiers on each run.  These are special effects that allow you to gain some benefits while playing and you can add up to 5 of them.

These can help you find more loot and even speed up the rebuilding of Stormfall.

The best way to go about these is to always have the highest possible amount of modifiers applied at any given time. Activating 4 modifiers and paying 1000 primordial affinities allows you to activate the Wrath of Sarisel game mode.

This game mode ups the difficulty and the rewards. You will not get loot from enemies, and will be attacked by champions constantly. Killing the boss will grant you a chest full of the loot, along with rewards based on your performance.

No New Game+
If you’re looking to tackle the campaign with a fully leveled up character and on a higher difficulty, then you’re out of luck. There is NG+ so you’ll have to make do with starting all over.