The Division 2 Warlords of New York Theo Parnell Comms Collectibles Guide

Warlords of New York has a bit more to its lore than you think; and to grasp onto a deeper understanding of what’s going on around you, the collectibles are honestly as good as it gets. This guide will help you find all The Division 2 Warlords of New York Theo Parnell Comms Collectibles.

These pieces of conversations are intriguing and provide a much more in-depth idea of the world around you including the motivations of the characters, especially the Warlords.

The Division 2 Warlords of New York Theo Parnell Comms Collectibles

Theo Parnell, one of Aaron Keener’s Rogue agents has a total of 10 comms to be found throughout the Lower Manhattan region.

Once you’ve collected them, you can also listen to them again by heading to your Collectibles, then into Comms, and selecting the specific region; which in this case would be Theo Parnell.

Comms collectibles are easy to find, they’re not as well hidden as SHD Tech Caches are per se.

Midterms – Comms #1
Head to the Southern part of the region, here you can find the comms collectible within the workspace, lying on top of a computer desk.

Theo Parnell Comms

Recon – Comms #2
The second comms collectible can be found just north of the previous one. Head out of the workspace you were just in, and take the street out where you can find the Quarantine zone. Follow the path down from the Quarantine sign, turn right, head up the stairs, and climb up the rope. Here, you will be able to find the second comms collectible lying behind a fence.

Power – Comms #3
Head to Chamber Street, from the National Bond signs, turn right towards the massive graffiti; underneath the graffiti lies the collectible within the interior of the place.

Allegation – Comms #4
The fourth collectible can be found by the Supreme Court, actually pretty easy to spot, since it is right by the main entrance.

Clearance – Comms #5
The next collectible can be found right around the corner from the previous one, on Worth Street. Lying on the railing of the bridge.

Reports – Comms #6
Reports can be found inside the quarantine zone next to the ladder downstairs.

Papertrail – Comms #7
The next comms collectible can be found during the mission On way to Security Room, lying on a box in the hallway.

Protection – Comms #8
Protection can be found whilst pursuing Parnell, as you descend down the elevator, it can be found to your immediate right.

Theo Parnell Comms Locations

Specs – Comms #9
The 9th collectible can be found on Pearl Street, right next to an ambulance by the Supreme Court.

Message – Comms #10
The final collectible can be found by the quarantine zone set up by the NYCP. Head inside the zone, and the comms is lying on top of the reception desk.

Theo Parnell Comms Collectibles