How to Change Global Difficulty in The Division 2

With the release of Title Update 8 and Warlords of New York expansion, The Division 2 endgame has seen a major overhaul. One such big change is the inclusion of Global Difficulty and Directives that affect every enemy and activity in the game. To show you how to change Global Difficulty in The Division 2, we have prepared this handy guide.

How to Change Global Difficulty in The Division 2

Previously in The Division 2, players had to adjust the difficulty of the game through each mission on a case-by-case basis. Or they had to manually boost control points by completing events around it.

But with the release of The Division 2: Warlords of New York, you will be able to alter how agents tackle the game’s many activities just through the Global Difficulty toggle setting.

And the whole game’s difficulty can be changed and controlled through one single toggle rather than changing it to your desire every single time with the start of each mission.

You will see a new tab in The Division 2 map when you start the game with the name ‘All’. This new All tab will you to set the Global Difficulty for the whole game.

So when you choose a Global Difficulty, all the single activities of the game will get synched with anything that the agent picked.

So let us suppose that you are now ready to get into the Hard difficulty as you have mastered the normal, so you will just go to the All tab and select Hard and confirm.

After this, everything in The Division 2 will be set to Hard setting automatically with just one toggle.

Keep in mind though that this will force some things that you might overlook otherwise, which is that all the players in the world will get respawned into Hard version of the world and the whole completion so far in the world will reset and all the uncollected loot will disappear as well.

Still, there are some new things in this feature that make it worth using, like it will set all the control points in the game to the same chosen setting so you will not have to clear events to boost them to desired difficulty.

Also, loot gets higher as you move up the difficulty so whenever you feel like one difficulty has become easy for you, you just go to All tab and change it to make the game more rewarding.

Also, keep in mind that individual missions in the game can still be altered manually to a different difficulty without resetting the whole map.

Like if agents do not want to alter the difficulty of the whole map you can just opt to tackle a mission at a certain difficulty above the global settings.

And the best thing about this feature is that all the things that a player clear will remain clear until the difficulty has been reset so you can retake the whole map now if you want to.