Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 1 Walkthrough

This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 1 Walkthrough will cover the first chapter of the FFVII remake, the step by step guide to clearing the stages as well as combat and tactical guides on dealing with different enemy types.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 1 Walkthrough

You have your basic attacks and your Abilities spells and items, these rely on your ATB bar, it diminishes the more you use your abilities and to refill it you need make successful standard attacks.

Pressing the standard attack button continuously (square) makes you do combos, to issue commands you need to press (x), to block attacks press (R1) and to dodge attacks press (O).

Finding the balance between all these is key to combat and you can experiment with different combos and create your own fighting style.

As the game starts, you will see two guards in front of you take them using your basic attack as prompted by the game.

Progress onwards through the hallway and you will witness a small cut-scene where Jessie and Wedge run past you. Head towards the turnstile and dispatch of the two guards in front of it.

Reactor Grounds
As you near the turnstile, you will automatically jump over it. Now you will need to dispatch three guards before making your way up the stairs.

There is a chest at the top with two potions in it. Walk in the opposite direction and turn left into a corner of scrap and junk, wade through it to reach another chest with two grenades.

Head to the outside area, it will to your advantage to keep checking your surroundings for boxes with the Shinra logo. Inside you’ll find potions to restore HP, Mako Shards that restore MP (needed to cast spells), and sometimes Moogle Medals.

Walk towards Wedge and Jessie then run to the right to talk to Biggs.

Make your way down the stairs and deal with the security officers and guard dogs that they have, the fenced corridor on your left will have another chest.

Move along until you reach an elevator and before you jump in, restore your MP with a Mako Shard by looting the Shinra boxes in front of you.

Keep progressing through the area and you will reach a point where you have to make your way through a hole to follow your friends but will be attacked by guard dogs again, your fire spell can be effective against them.

Run ahead dispatching off any guards along the way until you reach a long door. There is a lever on the right side which will open it for you.

Talk to Biggs and he will hack the next door open, 4 guards will be waiting for you on the other side, now follow the games instructions as it tells you how to use your unique attacks, to switch fighting styles between heavy (Punisher) and light attacks(operator mode) press (Triangle).

After taking care of these guards, interact with Jessie and get to the next room. Loot the Shinra boxes to your left and get the Pheonix Down from the chest. Now, push the elevator button to your right.

In the next room call the elevator, at this point a new ally will join cloud, Barret Wallace. Now you control two characters each with their unique combat styles and attacks.

You can switch between the two during combat, Barret is range focused using his gun for attacks.

His unique ability is called ‘Overcharge’, and his other abilities include ‘Steelskin’ and ‘Focused Shot’. He has a Lightning and Heal as his equipped Materia.

Mako Storage
Keep following Jesse, you will reach red lasers in your path, carefully look for an opening and make your way through them. Look for a pattern to them to solve them.

Head down the stairs and you’ll come across some more lasers. These will be more difficult to run through as instead of going ‘On, Hold, Off’, they’ll quickly turn on and off thrice, and then will pause.

The second bunch of lasers will pulse thrice and then pause for a tiny bit, followed by another pulse. Run through after the fourth pulse. The final set of lasers will pulse seven times before you can pass through.

Once you make your way through all the lasers, loot the Shinra boxes and the chest adjacent to the stairs and you’ll get two potions. Now, go down the stairs and get to Jessie.

Now there is a unique enemy type that will block your path The Sweeper. It would be wise to heal your party before beginning this fight.

This can be done by either using a health potion or by using Barett’s healing skill.

To defeat the Sweeper consider using your spells to keep your distance and make openings? Attack continuously but with caution to fill the pressured meter of the enemy.

When the bar fills it gets staggered giving way for your heavy attacks that are slower but deal more damage like Cloud’s punisher mode or Barett’s Overcharge.

Follow Jessie after the battle down a ladder, slide down quickly by holding (R2) and set the explosive charge. After climbing down the ladder keep walking forward and open the chest for a tuft of Phoenix Down which can be used to revive party members and restore a bit of HP.

Now before you set the charge you may want to heal your team mates or catch your breath because a boss battle is coming up. While you set the charge you will be asked weather to set it for 20 or 30 minutes, here are the consequences of setting this timer:

  • If you select 20 minutes he says “Pretty cocky, ain’t you?” and after the demo ends you get an extra few seconds of a cutscene at the end.
  • If you select 30 minutes he says “Hah! That long enough for you?” and you do not get the secret ending.

The Scorpion Sentinel Boss

Get ready for your first boss in the game. He has several modes so brace for changing behaviors and adjust accordingly.

Phase 1
The Boss will be protected by a Field Generator so start by destroying it, Cloud’s fire spell could be a good way to accomplish this.

After the Barrier is down chip away at it until it has 75% health remaining, at which points it jumps onto a wall and attacks from there.

Use Barett’s long-range attacks to deal with the boss here. Another barrier may form just take it out with you fire spells, when it comes back to the ground it generates an electromagnetic (EM) field wane around the point of impact, watch out for this.

Phase 2
This phase starts when the boss’s remaining health is at 50%. The boss will start using its tail laser, you cannot fight block or dodge this so it’s your best bet to find cover.

While in cover you may use your heal your team. You also have to watch out for it generating more EM fields and launching red-missiles at you.

When its health is almost depleted it may start an auto-repair sequence, interrupt it and don’t allow it to repair itself.

Use your two characters to targets its individual legs and simultaneously take it down entirely.

Now if you do not want to be blown to bits you better start making your way out. Run for the exit, back through where you came. As you’re escaping, a pipe will collapse, knocking down Cloud, making him hang off a ledge. Wiggle your way to the ledge on the left and help Jessie.

Don’t worry if you and Barret will get separated for a bit because on your way back you’ll be reunited with and fight together again.

Follow Jessie and make your way down the ladder. Loot the Shinra boxes and walk down the walkway. Before you go up the ladder, loot the chest to get two potions. Go up the ladder and get on the walkway and you’ll be reunited with Barret.

Now, you’ll have to eliminate a bunch of enemies. Make use of both Cloud and Berret to do so. After that, go up the ramp and take care of the final set of enemies before jumping pushing the elevator button and escaping. Now, you just need to keep running and you’ll finish Chapter 1 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.