Understanding The New Dark Zone System in The Division 2

Dark Zone is an untamed area of the map, where agents can go off-grid and can do horrible things. The most dangerous area in the game because any other agent can turn against you and steal all your hard-earned loot. This guide will explain the new Dark Zone system in The Division 2 with the release of title update 8.

Understanding The New Dark Zone System in The Division 2

With the new Warlords of New York update, players now experience a more hardcore version of the Dark Zone, much like the DZ from the first game.

With the developers saying, “The Dark Zone is a place for wolves and not sheep”, the new update pushes players to enhance PvP experience. It is done by:

  • No XP from PvE scenarios: Killing NPCs and other bots will not get you any XP.
  • No “Grey” rogue: Rogue agents are marked in 300 ms time limit. You are now either a rogue or not, there is no grey area.
  • No Signature weaponry: This is done to enhance the player challenge. No signature weapons and bullets allow all the players to fight off at almost the same level.
  • Extraction Zones: The majority of XP is earned by extractions, at the two extraction zones. You can also earn some XP by reviving and covering while the extraction takes place.
  • Social Menu: the new social menu lets you see players in 100 m radius around you, allowing you have better grasp of the situation.
  • VOIP: VOIP is enabled by default. It can be, however, be disabled in the options.
  • Occupied and Invaded zones: In the late game, one of the zones will be invaded by a fraction. This is similar to the Occupied Zone. Only the name has changed.

So there you have the new updates regarding the infamous Dark Zones.