How To Get the Lady Death Exotic SMG in The Division 2

Lady Death is of the unique Exotics dropped in Warlords of New York. This Exotic allows you to move faster after killing an opponent, making it a must-have weapon if you like to rush your enemies in cover. In case you’re wondering how to get your hands on this gun, in this guide we will show you How To Get the Lady Death Exotic SMG in The Division 2.

How To Get the Lady Death Exotic SMG in The Division 2

Before jumping into the locations, let’s focus on the stats of Lady Death Exotic SMG. This way you’ll have a proper understanding of what this weapon can be used for.

Lady Death Exotic has four major attachments. Gaze of Death, Death’s Maw, Kiss of Death and Death’s Head.

Gaze of Death and Death’s Maw give you 5% Critical Hit Chance, Kiss of Death gives you 5% Critical Hit Damage while Death’s Head gives you an additional 10% Reload Speed.

Apart from all the attachments, the Lady Death Exotic gives 10% SMG Damage, 21% Critical Hit Chance and an impressive 5% Damage to Armor. These are some impressive stats!

Due to its traits in Division 2, Lady Death is by far one of the most desirable weapon. These traits are given below:

Breathe Free

  • When moving, gain 4 stacks per second, or 8 stacks if sprinting, up to 40 stacks total.
  • Each round fired consumes a stack, amplifying damage by 60%.
  • Kills grant +20% movement speed for 10s.

How to Get Lady Death Exotic SMG
Since the Warlords of New York expansion is new, there isn’t a lot of concrete information known about the drops of the exotic SMG. However, it is certain that since it is a Rikers weapon, loot sources related to the Rikers faction will have a higher chance of giving you the gun.

In our session, Lady Death Exotic was dropped by a pair of named Rikers Bosses. These Bosses are known as Adam and Eve. Mostly they’re spotted in the Wall Street Company and Federal Reserve side missions.

However, there’s a high possibility that you can even find the dropping from any other Riker Boss in the Warlords of New York Expansion or even opening Rikers Crates (for which you will require keys by taking on bounties).

So, don’t lose hope if you can’t get the job done on your first try and keep trying until you get your Lady Death drop.

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