How to Find and Defeat Vivian Conley in The Division 2 Warlords of New York

Vivian Conley is one of the Rogue Agents you will go up against in the Warlords of New York expansion. This guide will show you How to Find and Defeat Vivian Conley in The Division 2 Warlords of New York.

Vivian comes from a chemical engineering background and that makes sense that she has upgraded her own used equipment as well as the Cleaners’ equipment.

Her main skill is the Firestarter Sticky Bomb. Here we have a detailed walkthrough on how to progress through the mission and get to this bad lady Vivian Conley and also how to defeat her.

How to Find and Defeat Vivian Conley in The Division 2 Warlords of New York

Conley will be found in the ‘Two Bridges’ area, so start the boss mission ‘Vivian Conley’ and you will be somewhere near some rubble in the Two Bridges area and you will have to go to the Stranded Tanker location on the map. You will come to know that cleaners are refining oil in the area under Conley’s supervision, and you might have a chance of taking on her.

So just follow the designated path and you will face some cleaners where there is a tanker of oil on fire so get rid of them and get to the location.

Your next objective will be to find Vivian Conley, and sub-objective will be to infiltrate the cleaners in the facility ahead.

So go inside and start killing the cleaners as you like it, all player has their own liking of infiltrating a facility and killing enemies so just go with your instincts and get rid of all of them.

When you get further inside after killing a bunch of enemies, get to a small door on right and you will get a new sub-objective ‘find Vivian Conley inside the compound’. Get inside and kill the cleaners in the compound and also don’t forget to loot their bags for some equipment.

Now after killing all the enemies in the compound, you might take some time to go further in the game so here we will tell you what to do.

There is this huge space in the center and you will have to press a red button and this will throw all the containers on the crane inside. Now go to your right and through the red door, follow the path and you will face more enemies in the open area ahead.

Go ahead killing the enemies and when you are done in the area jump through the fence on the left and you will see some cleaners, kill them with bomb and you will get another objective to destroy the cooling pumps.

Destroy the pump with explosives and then secure the area by killing the cleaners further ahead. There will be two cooling pumps to destroy and then kill more enemies ahead.

When you are done with this area, run forward and when you get out of the area from other side you will get a new sub-objective ‘Get to the oil refinery’.

When you get to the oil refinery we recommend to snipe the cleaners on the upper side and then you will get the objective ‘Sabotage the oil refinery’. Now just complete the objective and destroy both the refineries.

Next objective will be to secure the area and kill all the cleaners. Then go to the tanker and you will find an Echo reconstructed so activate it and then you will get in touch with the boss there Vivian Conley herself. After a dialogue get inside the compound and kill the cleaners there.

Go ahead to the center and you will get a new objective to turn off the gas supply so just go to the objective location and turn the wheel. The next objective will be to locate Vivian Conley on the tanker.

Go to the objective location and through the door to the other side and you will hear Conley talking.

Go straight down through the rope and start killing the cleaners in this big area, there will come many of them so be ready. Go inside the facility through open area on right side and through the door ahead and use ladder to go down.

Keep going towards the marker through various paths and doors. Keep in mind that you need to turn the gas wheel before going directly towards Vivian’s location.

When you get to the next marked area you have to again kill some cleaners and secure the area so just do that. Then you will have to locate Vivian on the upper deck, so just go there following the marker while killing the cleaners in your way. Go to the upper deck press the red button and run ahead even upwards.

Use the rope to climb to the roof and follow the marker. You will get to another big area and will have to kill all the enemies there.

Secure this area and keep an eye for those flamethrowers. Then turn the wheel and force Vivian to come out.

She will finally come out with heavy ammo and army so keep dodging and firing. Dodging on this stage will be very crucial so stay on your feet always and throw everything you’ve got on her. If she catches you out of cover and fires a sticky bomb at you, you can dodge roll to remove the bomb before it detonates.

Try to be in cover all the time. Always aim for Vivian Conley and try to avoid and dodge all the other enemies unless they rush you.

This is the best place to use your specialization weapons. If you have the TAC-50 sniper or Grenade Launcher, they can be used to defeat Vivian Conley quickly. It will be a long battle but eventually, you will be able to defeat Vivian Conley in The Division 2.