Google Acknowledges Bluetooth Connectivity Issues With Home Speakers

Google Home Speakers are quite the innovation and have made a reputation in the market. Most users prefer them for the luxury of direct streaming. It also comes with Google Assistant which makes it a fun device to interact with.

This device having the most clean voice recognition easily makes it the smartest speaker device in use so far. However, this has not been the case since late 2018. A strange bug surfaced back in 2018. Users complained about facing issues with the Bluetooth connectivity and have long waited for a fix.

Normally Google Home Speakers aren’t used as Bluetooth speakers as they support direct music streaming through Spotify or Tidal via Chromecast. But that does not make this a non-serious issue. Home Speakers don’t come cheap and customers should have access to all the features for what they are paying.

The issue details revealed that any third party connection from phones or other devices would disconnect not long after it was first connected. Users also indicated further that within a few minutes of streaming audio, the Bluetooth disconnects with the disconnection tone being heard at the end.

This issue was not found in all devices but it was present in a number of them. Many users forwarded their complaints on the Google support center while others used social platforms to highlight the issue. After a long year’s wait, on the 20th of February 2020, the users finally got a response from Google regarding the bug. A community Specialist on the Google Nest Help forums reported that their team is aware of the issue and currently is working on a solution to this annoying bug. Although the issue was acknowledged, there were no further details given on when a fix will be released.

This may further complicate things for Google in order to keep up with their competitors, the Amazon Echo. Google maybe the smarter device for having Google Assistant, it may still fall behind for failing to deliver one the basic features of a wireless speaker. After all cheaper devices are able to execute this feature easily maintaining a stable Bluetooth connectivity.

Whether Google was banking on the idea that customers may rely on Chromecast or Google Assistant is unclear. What’s certain is that Google needs to work on things and release a fix to remain amongst the smartest speaker devices in the world.