Fortnite Season 2 Brutus Loyalty Challenge Guide

For Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2, the second batch of Brutus’ Briefing challenges has been released and it’s the easiest one that has been released yet. In this guide, we would be discussing how you would be able to complete the Fortnite Brutus Loyalty challenge and steal security plans.

Fortnite Season 2 Brutus Loyalty Challenge

When the last week’s and this week’s Brutus’ Briefing Challenges are done, you will get a choice to choose among the skin style for Brutus and your options will be Shadow or Ghost and for either of those you would need to complete a mission and if you opt to do one mission you cannot do the other.

For the shadow style, you would have to steal Security plans from The Rig, Yacht or the Shark and then take them to the Shadow.

For the Ghost one, you have to do the same thing except take the plan to the Ghost.

You can see that all the locations are on opposite corners of the map. You will find a server after passing some AI henchmen in all of these locations.

This server like thingy needs you to interact with it to get the security plans out of it. Now we shall discuss how you will get these plans to either the Shadow or Ghost mailbox.

Just for the sake of telling you guys how to get the plans. We will explain how to get them from the yacht as it is the easiest one to get through.

The bosses you fight don’t matter. All you have to do is just get to the nearby island and grab a costume which is also optional as it will help you out.

After that you will have to swim to the nose of the yacht and then you have to get to the lower floor after going through the hull.

The stack of servers is in the middle somewhere and that’s where the plans are. Interact with them and you will get the plans.

Ghost Mailbox
Ghost mailbox is exactly in the center of Retail Row, near the bus and basketball courts. You will find it by going to the Business District from the residential area.

Think before putting the plans in the mailbox as there is no turning back after the choice has been made.

Shadow Mailbox
This mailbox is near the Steamy Stacks and it’s in the middle of the area so it won’t be hard to find. Drop your plans in this mailbox to get the Shadow costume.