Project A Leak Gives Possible Insight Into Riot’s New First Person Shooter

One of the multiple new games that Riot Games is working on for the future, Project A, has allegedly gotten some new information through back channels. The Project A leak information includes a possible name, some characters, and a few abilities for them, though nothing has actually been confirmed yet.

The fan Twitter account ProjectAOnline is the source of the leaks on the game. On it, they said that Project A’s true name is Valorant, and also add that Riot Games has filed a trademark specifically for that name, and that a dormant Twitter handle has also been made called PlayValorant.

While PlayValorant hasn’t made any posts yet, it currently has 11,000 followers, so that’s as good a hint as any that the fan account’s information on that front, at least, is legitimate. Valorant is a first-person shooter similar to Counter-Strike, though there might also be hints of Overwatch in it.

This is best supported by what seems like a trio of character names through a series of screenshots. The names are Brimstone, Sage, and Viper, and each one has a different type including offense, defense, and support. Chat and avatars and Sage’s character description are also visible.

Other fan accounts for the game have also come across a Project A leak or two, including character ability descriptions like Sage’s and how she uses various orbs in combat to support her teammates. However, aside from various tweets about Sage, we know little about the other characters.

At least one notable Overwatch streamer, Tensa, has also been brought out to see the game originally, putting up even more evidence that Valorant might be Riot Games’s own hero shooter in the vein of games like Overwatch. However, Counter-Strike players like HenryG have also been brought out, so who knows.

Even though Riot Games hasn’t given any confirmation on any Project A leak that’s been posted to Twitter, hopefully we’ll be hearing about the full game sometime later, especially since the Game Awards gave us multiple game trailers from them that took place in the League of Legends world.