Kojima Productions Might Make An Announcement Next Week

A recent Twitter post from Kojima Productions has dropped what might be a hint that the studio will be announcing something big next week, though we don’t know if it’s true or not. The source of the hint comes from a notepad in the post’s picture, which says “Next week.”

Kojima has said something in the past about the possibility of more Death Stranding content to come, and a recent post on Twitter has brought us back to the World War One-esque battlefield that pops up at one point in the game, so that might be related to it at least.

However, since Hideo Kojima is notably secretive, especially when it comes to something like Death Stranding, who knows what that thing is actually going to be. It could be DLC for the game, or a side-game, or something entirely new, but who knows.

Of course, this could be less of a hint towards a new Kojima Productions game, and more of a hint towards when the Playstation 5 might finally be revealed. The console has yet to get a reveal date despite it being nearly two months since the Xbox Series X was unveiled at the Game Awards.

If it does turn out to be something related to Death Stranding, it might find a rather divisive reception. Despite the game’s high level of anticipation, it had divisive opinions for a glacially slow pace and not very much exposition. If this turns out to be DLC for it, it might get at least some more exposition on the plot.

Either way, if the Kojima Productions tweet does turn out to be something related to an upcoming product, whatever it is, we’ll just have to wait for next week to find out. In the meantime, a ton of people will likely continue to guess over what it actually refers to.