Animal Crossing New Horizons Has Much To Tell Us At PAX East

Even though the game got a 25 minute long Nintendo Direct to show off a lot of stuff in it not too long ago, Animal Crossing New Horizons still had a lot to show fans of the series at PAX East. These new things include new customization options, animations, and more.

To start off with, some shopkeepers have been expanding their inventory. Kicks the Skunk, for instance, previously used to only sell shoes, hence his name. Now, however, he also sells various accessories and bags, aerobic leggings, and more.

Customization options have also increased. You can now, for instance, customize your phone case and place welcome mats down at your house. Players are also able to use face paint and makeup, though gender customization is less open than previously reported as gender-specific clothing will only be wearable by the gender it’s made for.

Animal Crossing New Horizons also adds in a number of various character animations. While we don’t know about the other characters, Tom Nook and Isabelle both actually move around the office and do other things, like dusting. Some of the hundreds of other villagers likely have similar animations.

Outside of customization options and everything else like that, New Horizons also allows a new camera angle, allowing you to make it more top-down like how it originally was on the GameCube, even though you won’t have full analog support.

There’s likely even more things that Nintendo didn’t show us at PAX East that will figure into New Horizons, but at least we don’t have much longer to wait until it’s time to return from Smash and see Isabelle and the Villager in their natural environments.

Even though Animal Crossing New Horizons will be sharing a release date with Doom Eternal on March 20, hopefully players looking for a place to rest and relax after butchering droves of demons will be able to come to their town just as much.