Sony Has All These Weird PS5 Logos Trademarked

Sony has already trademarked the official PlayStation 5 (PS5) logo, which is unsurprisingly based on the same design apart from the new integer. The Japanese conglomerate has also trademarked the PS5 acronym, making the wait even harder for when the next-generation console will be revealed to the public.

Sony looks to be waiting for the right opportune moment. Microsoft, on the other hand, has been having a field day by sharing more and more details about Xbox Series X. Hence, the reason why the PlayStation community has been expressing disappointment and even venting online for Sony to come out of hiding.

Fact is that right now, the user-base is hungry enough to gobble pretty much anything related to PS5 as long as the information is new. Well, here is something for you to munch on. The PS5 logo — the text-based version available online right now — was not the only logo that Sony trademarked for the console. There were also others, at least two more that were trademarked recently.

In Philippines, Sony trademarked the text-based PS5 logo with another font that looks to be either Galatia SIL by SIL International or Timesturn by Lollibomb. The filing was done in early February and remains in examination until granted.

In Singapore, Sony used another new font to trademark the text-based PS5 logo that looks to be either Grotesk FS by FontSite Inc. or Sinkin Sans Narrow by K-Type. The filing was done in early February as well and remains in examination until granted.

What do these new font types mean? No idea. Sony was probably just securing rights for the PS5 brand. There may possibly be other similar trademarks as well.

In similar fashion more questions remain open for the upcoming next-generation console. Except for the PS5 developer kit, nothing else is known about the final design. There are rumors that Sony might be doing the reveal sometime in March, which have only followed rumors of the reveal taking place in February at PAX East.

Whatever Sony is planning, the company needs to showcase the console (and related details and games) as soon as possible.

Contributor at SegmentNext.