More Monkey Business As Game Freak Unveils New Mythical Pokemon Zarude

Even though there’s already one monkey that’s a major part of Pokemon Sword and Shield, it appears Game Freak isn’t done yet. To celebrate Pokemon Day today, the company unveiled a new mythical Pokemon, Zarude, after teasing it for a while before today as a black silhouette with no details.

Zarude, the Rogue Monkey Pokemon, is a Dark/Grass type Pokemon that has the Leaf Guard ability, which prevents it from getting status effects in sunny weather. However, we don’t know much more about it yet other than that, though the trailer revealing it did seem to show off at least one new move.

As the new mythical Pokemon in the Galar region, Zarude is the second monkey Pokemon to appear in this generation, alongside Grookey and its evolutionary line. The trailer even shows the two of them facing off, and Grookey’s final evolution Rillaboom doesn’t seem to be a fan.

While there hasn’t been any indication of Zarude coming to the base game from Game Freak, we might end up seeing it either in the normal Galar region in a later update, or in the Armor and Crown expansions, which will take players to two new parts of Galar filled with new Pokemon.

We might learn more about the new Mythical Pokemon in a future Nintendo showing, whether another Pokemon-focused Nintendo Direct or in another video similar to its reveal trailer. From there, we’ll likely learn more of Zarude’s moveset, the signature move it likely includes, and probably even what it looks like Gigantamaxed.

To see what Zarude looks like in action for yourself, you can find its official reveal video by following this link. Hopefully Game Freak will be giving us more information sometime soon so that trainers can figure out where Zarude will be fitting in their party.