Bungie Won’t Be Releasing Destiny 3 In 2020

Destiny 2 first came out in 2017, and since that release has had a large amount of content come out for it. However, even though this is the same time gap that came between the original Destiny and Destiny 2, Bungie has said that they have no plans of releasing Destiny 3 this year.

The original Destiny game came out in September of 2014, and despite a rocky start quickly became one of the big shooters of this current console generation. After four expansions, Bungie would announce in early 2017 that Destiny 2 was on the way, but that pattern hasn’t continued with the third game.

This is likely because of how much work Bungie still wants to do on Destiny 2. After another rocky launch the game has gotten back on its feet following the Forsaken expansions, with a new model of various seasons supported by a months-long season pass helping to give the game more longevity with more mechanics and quests.

Bungie also bought itself back from Activision back in 2018, giving them complete and total control over where they wanted to take Destiny next. Considering that Destiny just recently moved to a free-to-play model, it’s unlikely we’ll see Destiny 3 any time soon.

According to Bungie, 2020 and 2021 will be focusing on aspirations, giving players content that they can feel a sense of hope and accomplishment on, as they believe that aspiration is why players continue to flock to Destiny 2.

This includes the Trails of Osiris multiplayer game mode, a much-missed feature that hasn’t been in the game for several years that puts players in a best-of-seven three-on-three matchup to win exclusive armor and gear.

Because of Bungie’s new five-year-plan, we might not see Destiny 3 until sometime in 2022. However, if Bungie can continue supplying the fanbase with quality content, hopefully the series can not only keep the many fans it drew in with the New Light launch, but also carry those fans with them into the third game.