PS Plus Games for March 2020 Leaked, Sonic Forces and More

Looks like a leaked PS Plus image may have just revealed the free games for the service’s March 2020 lineup. The image was recently posted on Reddit and if you zoom in, you can clearly see familiar images.

This image apparently appeared as an advertisement on the Polish gaming site It was posted as a banner on top of the website. This line-up banner is apparently showing Sonic Forces and Shadow of the Colossus as rotating games for the PS Plus service. These games will be replacing The BioShock Collection, Firewall Zero Hour and the Sims 4.

If this turns out to be true, that is a pretty solid line-up. Shadow of the Colossus is one of the most beloved games in the PlayStation library. The recent remake of the game showed how remakes should be done in the first place.

If it wasn’t for the remake, newer PlayStation players would never have gotten the chance to experience this game if they hadn’t already done so on the previous consoles. Bluepoint games overhauled the game for the PS3 and PS4. This shows how well-received and legendary this game is.

The evil Dr. Eggman has taken over the world with the help of another villain called Infinite in Sonic Forces. Players have to support Sonic and help him in building an army to reclaim the earth. While navigating through destruction and chaos, defeat enemies with super-speed while speeding past platforms from the Classic Sonic. Sonic fans will certainly be looking forward to this title making its way to the PlayStation Network.

If you are unaware, PlayStation Plus (also referred to as PS+ or PS Plus) is a subscription service for the PlayStation platform by Sony. Subscribing to this service gives you two free PS4 games every month, 100GB cloud storage for saving games and PlayStation store discounts.

The legitimacy of the PS Plus image isn’t backed up by any solid evidence however, it does look like an official picture. Fans are hoping that is the case because both these games have a loyal fanbase. Being able to play these games via the PlayStation Network may make players re-subscribe to the service.