Post Scriptum Update 2.0.365.13491 Released, Bug Fixes And Improvements

Post Scriptum has received Update 2.0.365.13491. You can now download this patch on PC (Steam). You will find that Post Scriptum Update 2.0.365.13491 has bug fixes and improvements. Something that stands out in this patch is that they addressed a potential fix for the performance issue where clients drop to a low FPS and gets stuck, and they fixed crashes related to Veghel and Dinant Skirmish.

Post Scriptum is a WWII first-person shooter that mostly focuses on teamwork. Here you will find yourself running into a hail of bullets, hunker down in trenches and through yourself at the enemy until they give way. Below you will find the complete list of Post Scriptum Update 2.0.365.13491 patch notes.

Hey guys! We have a patch coming that will address a potential fix for the performance issue where some clients drop to a low FPS and gets stuck. We will keep monitoring that the issue is resolved. We are also introducing a few new layers of Offensive to the Chapter 2 maps and more Skirmish layers. We are still keeping an eye on Skirmish and will make tweaks based on feedback from the community.

  • Potential fix for bad client and server performance
  • Fixed staging zone collision leftover causing physics bugs and weird motion at cap zones for some clients.
  • Thanks to this Post Scriptum patch, they fixed nametags sometimes disappearing when prone.
  • Fixed Luger ADS transition animation causing weird looking poses on the 3p character
  • Fixed deployable limits for FOBs such as ammo crates or vehicle tents.
  • Fixed pontoon bridge not being rebuildable after it got destroyed.
  • Fixed player standing up after revived. Should stay prone now.
  • Fixed T-Posing characters in Willy’s Jeep.
  • Fixed unplugged driver seat animations for Panzer III F and Panzer IV G
  • Thanks to this Post Scriptum patch, they fixed being able to walk through wrecked blue tractors in Stonne.
  • Fixed Grave Skirmish capzones being uncappable for the German team
  • Tweaked laffly transport driving responsiveness.
  • Removed COAX gun in Laffly W15TCC AT Truck
  • Added new layers: Stonne Offensive 03 / Dinant Offensive 03 / Veghel Skirmish 01 / Dinant Skirmish 01
  • Fixed crashes related to Veghel and Dinant Skirmish

I remind you that Periscope Games and Offworld Industries’ Post Scriptum released on August 9, 2018 for PC.