Doom Eternal TV Advert Skips Mick’s Heavy Metal Music For Something Commercial

Doom Eternal will be officially opening the gates of hell in roughly a month, which is why Bethesda Softworks has started running a television advert.

Fact is that Doom Eternal has already been marketed enough and pretty much everyone, even those who skipped the 2016 reboot, know that Doomguy is returning. Hence, imagine the utter confusion when seeing how the television spot in question chose to sideline the acclaimed heavy metal soundtrack of Mick Gordon for something more commercial.

Perhaps Bethesda Softworks thought that the average television audience would not be able to digest the soul-selling and flesh-tearing gory music. In either case, see for yourself what a different choice of music does to the Doom franchise.

Gordon had his fun as well. Taking to Twitter right after, he used the same music from the Doom Eternal advert for an Animal Crossing: New Horizons trailer. For those unaware, the Nintendo-friendly game is releasing on the same day as the brutal Doom Eternal. Isabelle, the adorable pooch from Animal Crossing, has even been the subject of internet humor by being paired with Doomguy.

Boasting heavy optimizations, Doom Eternal has been touted by id Software to be delivering 60 frames per second on all platforms. The developer considers this feat to be crucial to gameplay and the smooth performance has notably been due to the new Tech 7 engine, which was actually built alongside the game. Hence, id Software was building a new technology and game at the same time. The work was challenging but pushed both the Tech 7 and Doom Eternal developers to create features and content for each other. This is ultimately why the upcoming sequel is a massive improvement in comparison to the 2016 reboot.

Doom Eternal will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 20, 2020. The game will also release for Nintendo Switch but at a later date that id Software will announce when the time is right. In addition, Doom Eternal is also coming to Google Stadia, which remains without a release date as well.

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