Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Zaalbezul Boss Guide

Zaalbezul, Arm of Ashtaroth is one of the bosses in Lords of Mayhem. You encounter him in the second act during the quest; Journey into Madness as you follow the Lambach into the flesh realm. Our Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Zaalbezul Boss Guide will walk you through the complete encounter to help you get through it easily.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Zaalbezul Boss

Before the boss fight, you have to kill a lot of lesser foes in order to make Zaalbezul appear.

When he appears, he will immediately start to attack you by throwing spikes at you that cause immense damage.

The spikes land on the floor and standing on them causes additional damage. It best you avoid these spike traps to preserve your health.

It is advisable to quickly activate your apocalyptic form as soon as Zaalbezul appears. This will allow you to inflict as much damage on him as possible until your form lasts.

Zaalbezul is also accompanied by minions and lesser foes including fury souls that make it harder to evade as they seek you wherever you go.

The best way to counter these is with AoE attacks. If you are playing with melee weapons, try to use Bleeding Edge and Bladestorm as much as possible. These two skills if adjusted properly are easily among the best active skills in the game and should get you the win easily.

Zaalbezul also swings his paws to push you away and cause damage within his range. Along with that, it also charges to ram you. Beware not to get pinned against the wall as he will continuously ram you and drain your health.

Look out for all his maneuvers now that you’re aware of them and you’d be able to quickly banish him, as long as you preserve your health against his tactics.

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