Leaked Resident Evil 3 Remake Screenshots Show Jill Valentine and the Horrors

We have stumbled upon some leaked Resident Evil 3 remake screenshots featuring the monsters and main character in the game. The new gameplay images give us a look at the legendary monster, Nemesis and some other potential boss fights.

A ResetEra thread recently leaked some Resident Evil 3 remake gameplay images which took the internet by storm.

The hype surrounding the upcoming remake has only been increasing on the basis of leaks and a trailer. Capcom released the trailer for the RE3 remake last month which showed us glimpses of the game’s antagonist, Nemesis. Looks like we finally get to see the unstoppable juggernaut in all his glory.

The new Resident Evil 3 images show Nemesis chasing Jill Valentine similar to Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 remake. The design of Nemesis seems to take inspiration from Mr. X. RE3’s main antagonist is seen wearing the trenchcoat but his face definitely reminds us of him from the original game. We also get a different look at Nemesis using his iconic flamethrower.

Capcom’s latest Resident Evil installment will also see the return of an iconic RE3 monster. The Grave Digger monster seems as menacing and gruesome as ever in the leaked images. The updated graphics of this generation certainly lend to a more horrifying and disgusting interpretation of the creature. Jill can be seen confronting the Grave Digger at a sewer and other locations.

We also get a look at a brand new monster which hopefully suggests that the game will have new foes. Some concept art for Jill Valentine is accompanied by screenshots of various horrific locations in the game. Carlos and other characters are highlighted in the images as well. Going by what we have in these images, it looks like Resident Evil 3 is definitely on its way to becoming an even bigger hit than the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Capcom has been on a roll recently when it comes to releasing critically acclaimed games. Last year’s Devil May Cry 5 became the franchise’s best-seller while these new Resident Evil games seem to get better and better. If these leaked images are anything to go by, its that Capcom definitely has another hit on their hands.

The Resident Evil 3 remake is on track for release on April 3 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.