Crysis Remaster Screenshots Surface Again

The original Crysis may still possibly be in the pipelines of Crytek for a glorious remastered release in the near future for next-generation platforms.

Earlier today, lighting artist Lars Hofrichter was spotted (via 3djuegos) to have shared new screenshots from a technical trailer released last year to showcase how the original Crysis would look when remastered in the latest iteration of CryEngine. Take note that neither Crytek nor EA has made any official announcements. Even the fan-project Crysis Remaster was clarified last year to be simply a technical demonstration of what CryEngine can do. However, Hofrichter sharing more screenshots from that same demonstration months down the line would indeed be putting more fuel to the fire.

Coincidentally, in an earnings call last year — right after the Crysis Remaster screenshots — EA stated that there are plans to launch “exciting remasters of fan favorites” during the 2021 fiscal year. Many fans kept their fingers crossed that the Crysis franchise was part of those remasters. However, no announcements or even hints have been given since then that would suggest so.

Crytek keeping its cards hidden would not be surprising. With both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X set to launch in the holiday season, the best time for EA to be making an announcement would be at EA Play 2020 during E3 2020 in the summer. Until such happens, the Crysis franchise remains dead — an unfortunate downfall from grace.

The entire trilogy of Crysis is currently available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. Those games offered a level of graphical fidelity unheard of for that time, and are still used nowadays for benchmarking new hardware. Anyone interested can try out the original Crysis on their PC rigs to see where they stand in the food chain.