Next Batman Game Expected To Have A Bigger Open World

It was only a few weeks ago that we heard rumors that the next Batman game would be a reboot. This meant that a shared DC game universe would be featured in the upcoming Batman title. It looks like the same source is claiming that the next installment will feature a massive open-world environment.

James Sigfield from Geeks WorldWide earlier hinted that Batman’s next game is a soft reboot. Different sources then claimed that the game would be a complete reboot instead of a soft reboot. All these whispers indicate that WB Games Montreal is planning to start from scratch. James Sigfield recently took to this twitter and had this to say:

Gotham City was supposed to be MASSIVE in the Damian game, so it’s a safe assumption this one will at least be a little bigger

Warener Bros. Games Montreal was initially developing a Batman game centered around Damian Wayne. Damian is the biological son of Bruce Wayne and is the fourth Robin. WB Montreal’s plan was to have Damian as the Caped Crusader in the next installment. This idea was scrapped on which Sigfield is basing his assumption.

Sigfield was asked if the map of the next installment will be bigger than Batman: Arkham Knight. Him saying it will at least be a little bigger suggests the upcoming Batman title will have the biggest map out of all the previous games. Of course, a bigger map doesn’t necessarily equate to a better game.

Arkham Knight received a lot of criticism for its forced Batmobile battles and meaningless open-world missions. The linear gameplay of the previous games was what made fans fall in love with this franchise. Even though Arkham Origins and Arkham City had open-world environments, these games managed to keep the gameplay focused on Batman.

These are exciting times if you are a Batman fan. A recent teaser revealed Robert Pattinson’s batsuit which seems to take inspiration from the Arkham games. Getting a movie and game next year would certainly quench our thirst for more Batman-related content.

With all that being said, these rumors shouldn’t be considered anything legitimate. Hopefully, we get some official news from WB Games Montreal regarding the upcoming Batman title.